A LASH technician has taken to TikTok to complain after a woman turned up for her appointment with caked-on makeup embedded in her lashes.

The beautician shared a video showing the state of her customer's lashes, writing on the clip: "Some might be mad, some might be on my side. 

"But this is an unacceptable way to show up to your lash appointment!"

She added that the residual makeup on the lashes came from "weeks and weeks" of not washing her face.

"You can see this client never cleaned her lashes," the user, Ips beauty, continued.

"Look how stubborn that make-up is! It’s layers and layers over weeks and weeks!"

She concluded: "You can’t be mad when your lash tech has to remove them if you show up like this."

The comment section was quickly flooded with people supporting the poster, with one person writing: "Totally on your side! It’s literally dangerous to keep them like that!!"

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"I’m shocked that people don’t clean something THAT CLOSE TO THEIR EYEBALL," another person commented.

"So many things could go wrong, y'all give me heart palpitations."

One person suggested that the lash technician should sell a shampoo to clients as "a subtle but clear hint" of how to keep them clean.

And she replied: "They’re given after care cards with clear instructions on how to care for them and what to clean them with, some just think it’ll be okay not to!"

However, someone else argued that it's part of the technician's job to clean the lashes.

"No do your job and charge to clean it. Should people show to the salon with their hair washed too ?" they wrote.

But not everyone was accepting that explanation, with someone hitting back: "This isn't the same as not washing your hair. This is like not combing it, leaving it to matt and then expecting the hair dresser to do it for you."

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