AT THE age of just seventeen, entrepreneur Pierce Woodward is making a whopping £80,000 a month.

And no, he’s not got the typical 9-5 office job.

Instead, Pierce has his own jewellery business, but it wasn’t just handed to him on a plate.

Pierce made the brave but daring decision to drop out of school at just 16-years-old and start up his own company and it paid off, literally. 

Pierce doesn’t just make any old jewellery – he uses vintage spoons (yes, you heard that correctly), to make customised rings. 

Pierce’s ring business, Brand Pierre, has enabled him to earn his fortune, and he now has three amazing supercars. 

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In a recent YouTube video, Truly spoke to Pierce and his parents about how he made his money.

He said: “I'm 17 & Make $100k A Month.

“I had a goal since I was a little kid to save up six figures by the time I was 18 and I’ve finally been able to accomplish that.

“I run a successful business making rings out of vintage spoons. 

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“Dropping out of high school was definitely a terrifying experience because all odds are against you.”

Pierce added: “Once I dropped out of high school there was nothing really tying me down, so me and my family decided to go travel the world.” 

Pierce’s dad Woody explained: “Three weeks later, we sold everything we owned. 

“We had nowhere to go and had to start from scratch.

“I remember when Pierce came to us and said that he wanted to sell rings online and I thought, you know what, you’ve got to start somewhere.

“I didn’t know it would turn into what it turned into.”

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Pierce set up his company at home and after selling out in just four days, he knew his business would be a success.

He explained: “I started my jewellery company in my parents’ garage and then upgraded to an entire brand house.

“My first drop I sold about 23 rings and sold out in four days.

“I’ve been able to make custom rings for people like Noah Beck, Dixie D’Amelio, Jules LeBlanc.”

In the YouTube clip, Piers demonstrates how he creates the rings.

He continued: “First we start off with a spoon – when it’s sized we grab bolt cutters and cut it on the lind. 

“We put it on the sander and smooth out the edges entirely and then we hop on the bender and it gets bent into a ring. 

“We’ll sell anything from 1,000 to 1,500 rings a drop.”

I am surprising my mum with a bag of cash, and telling her she can go and buy her dream car.

Pierce’s jewellery success has meant that he can treat himself and that he has done, to two luxury cars, a supercharged Range Rover and a Mustang. 

But not only has Pierce made a lot of money, he’s also treated his mum too.

Pierce really wanted to give back to his mum and show just how much he appreciates her so he did the unthinkable.

Shaylene explained: “I had my dream car, it was a white Corvette and when I drove that car I would laugh and it made me so happy.

“But it made me happy to be able to sell the car to fund the dream.”

Pierce didn’t just replace Shaylene’s car, he actually gave her the money so she could go and buy an even better one.

He said: “I am surprising my mum with a bag of cash, and telling her she can go and buy her dream car.”

“I saw the emotion when she sold the car to fund our family. So I rented this car as a surprise but what she doesn’t know is we have $50k cash for her to choose a car that she really wants.”

Pierce blindfolds his mum and when she takes off the blindfold and sees the car she bursts into tears. 

He continues: “I actually have a second surprise – this car is not yours, but here’s $50k cash and you get to go and pick out the car that you want. 

“Ever since the age of 12 I’ve wanted to buy my mum a car and now I have the finances to do it and it’s the best feeling ever.” 

The entrepreneur's parents are very proud of him and all that he has achieved. 

His mum Shaylene said: “I had a lot of faith in what he was doing.

“As parents, we are incredibly proud of Pierce.” 

Pierce is very active on TikTok and has been open and honest about his unique story. 

Many TikTokers were incredibly inspired by his success and took to the comments to express this. 

One person said: “Thank you so much bro I needed to hear this.” 

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Another added: “Super inspirational.” 

A third commented: “You’re one of the reasons I started my own spoon ring business, so your dreams have definitely changed the lives of others. Keep it up man!!”

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