THE average person in Britain spends around £4,500 on food every year.

With piles of groceries, a cheeky Chinese takeaway at the end of the week and eating out with your friends and family, we spend £375 each month just to feed ourselves, according to a study.

But as the price of basic food items rises by a whopping 60 per cent and households across the nation are struggling to make ends meet, are there any ways to eat good quality, nutritious food whilst also saving money?

One savvy mum and deals hunter, Holly Smith, 37, certainly thinks so.

According to the whizz, who regularly shares money saving tips on her blog , Coupon Queen, there are multiple things you can do to spend less on food.

One of these is making the fresh produce last longer with three simple steps – and not knowing these could cost you as much as £800 a year.

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Line Your Fridge Drawers With Kitchen Towels…

Holly says: ''A hack to ensure your veg lasts longer is to line your drawers in the fridge with paper towels.

''Why do this? Vegetables constantly release moisture even when stored in the fridge.

''This accelerates the rate at which they go bad. When you line your drawers with a kitchen towel, the towel absorbs moisture from the veggies.

''This helps to keep your veggies fresh for longer.''

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Flip Cottage Cheese and Yogurt pots Upside Down

Holly says: ''Many people are guilty of opening a container of large pot of yogurt or cottage cheese and using only part of it.

''When you do this, the yogurt or cottage cheese will go bad before you use the rest. However, you can extend the shelf life of these products.

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''All you’ve to do is flip the containers upside down, then store them in our fridge.

''When you do this, it creates an airtight seal at the bottom which prevents moulding and ensures the contents last longer.''

Store Bananas Separate From Other Fruits

Holly says: ''Bananas release ethylene. This is a hormone that triggers the transformation of a green and dull fruit into a tender and sweet fruit ready to eat.

''If you store bananas together with other fruits, ethylene will react with them signalling the ripening process.

''To ensure that your bananas do not ripen fast, you need to prevent the ethylene in the stalks from reaching the rest of the bananas.

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''All you need to do is wrap up the conjoined bananas at the stalk in cling film.

''This will keep your bananas fresh for up to five days.''

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