A MUM-OF-8 has revealed exactly what daily chores look like when parenting eight kids.

Mum Heather Bell shared the video on her TikTok account, justhtebells10, where it has been viewed over three million times.

Heather often shares what a hectic day looks like for her, but in one video some users questioned why she was taking on so much and why her older children couldn't share some of the responsibility of household tasks.

She captioned the video: "Things that just make sense when you have eight kids."

Heather's children are aged between 12-22, and she revealed that with eight drivers in the family their driveway often looks like a used car's lot.

She also said having a large family meant there were always plenty of dirty towels that needed to be washed every single day.

The family even has lockers like in school to keep their barn clothes and hockey equipment in.

Heather even shared that the family has an entire freezer dedicated to making cookies for her family, and when she does make them she often makes them in batches of ten at a time to make sure there's enough for all her children.

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She explained that with so many people in the house, there is a neverending pile of mismatched socks to get through.

Another issue that just 'makes sense' with a large family is that every single cup in the house is dirty and needs to be cleaned by the end of the day.

But users were confused as to why, if the children were old enough to drive why they could not help Heather with her long list of household chores.

One user commented: "Okay but they’re like full-grown adults and you’re still doing everything for them?"

"Do they have chores that they do? I feel like that’s an unimaginable amount of work just for you." exclaimed another user.

A third person wrote: "Do they ever help with the laundry and take turns doing the dishes?"

Other users who have followed the family for a while said the children often help with chores and that the children also help their parents manage the farm they own daily.

Heather also shared her genius laundry system which speeds up the process and stops her kids from fighting too.

Plus, Heather previously revealed she was told she would never be a mum but had a miracle pregnancy.

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