PADDLING pool season is a God-send for parents of young, energetic children during the summer months.

The bliss of being able to watch your kids splashing around in the safety of your own garden can be easily ruined by some unwanted pool guests.

It's common knowledge bugs are attracted to water so your paddling pool is even more appealing to insects than it is to your children.

The experts at Linear World have provided some DIY natural hacks to keeping your pool pest-free this summer.


While experts do not recommend putting essential oils directly into your pool, you should keep a diffuser nearby or spray your home and patio to repel insects.

Use cinnamon essential oils if you have a problem with ants or earwigs.

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For spiders, mosquitos and cockroaches, peppermint is your best bet.

If you want to get rid of centipedes, vanilla and tea tree oil is what the experts suggest.

And finally for flies, lemongrass should do the trick.


Smoke is a natural insect repellent so anything from candles and tiki torches to a fire pit can help keep the insects at bay.

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Experts recommend adding any of the following items to your fire to enhance its repelling ability: sage, rosemary, mint leaves, lavender, cedar tree bark, catnip or citronella leaves.

Alternatively, you can rub these herbs on your outdoor furniture or patio to repel pests.


Bugs don't like flying in the wind.

Seeing as you can't control the weather, a fan will have to do.

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For maximum effect, take two fans and place them on either side of the area you are planning on spending time in your garden.

The constant blowing of air is unappealing to insects since they can't control their movement.


Insects are repelled by the smell of these foods and will therefore keep their distance if they smell some onions grilling at your BBQ.

If cooking isn't your forte, experts recommend chopping up some garlic and onion and placing them in a bowl of water outside.

Every so often, stir the bowl to continue repelling these creepy-crawlies.


The early bird gets the worm…and just about any other insect it can get its beak on.

Planting additional bird feeders in your garden will increase the amount of winged creatures stopping by for a visit.

This will deter insects as they avoid being eaten.

Here are some common birds and the bugs they are known to eat: bluebirds eat beetles, moths and crickets , cardinals eat beetles, stink bugs, grasshoppers and snails, nuthatches eat ants and earwigs while orioles will eat beetles and grasshoppers.

Finally, it goes without saying, if you want to actively keep insects away from your paddling pool and patio then it is vital to keep any food remnants out of your garden.

This includes vacuuming up crumbs, never leaving leftovers and scrubbing your grill thoroughly after each use.

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