A PEST control expert has revealed an easy way to stop mice and rats from entering your home – and it costs just a quid from Asda.

The expert took to TikTok (@twinhomeexperts) to tell his followers the genius way to get rid of pesky rodents.

The clip, captioned: "RAT Hack we want to share…" begins by panning the bottom of a door with some strange looking materials in front of the gap.

A green mesh layer with a metal sponge can be seen blocking the gap beneath the door.

"If you have any potential sources of where you think the rats are coming in and out, what you can do is take a sponge, fill that particular hole… and sure enough it will give the verification that the rats are coming from the basement up underneath that door," he said,filming a chewed up piece of sponge.

"They chewed the heck out of that to get to the dog food in the kitchen," he added.


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The scattering of sponge pieces across the floorboards were an indicator that the grisly rodents had been scampering around the property – and in particular, next to the door.

He then wrote: "Next step is to now investigate the exterior entry point, seal then TRAP".

All this cheap as chips hack takes is a £1 sponge from your local shop and it can give you a definite answer if you think you may have a mouse problem.

The handy video racked up over 1000 likes and viewers were quick to leave their thoughts on the useful tip.

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One user wrote: "Great hack!!!"

Another said: "Smart tactic. I definitely need to do this in my garage".

A third commented: "That's interesting," to which the pest expert replied: "They chew to get to the food".

Twinhomeexperts are known by their 788k followers for posting home advice, pest control tips and handy how-to's for home owners.

Their TikTok page has amassed a whopping 9.9million likes overall.

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And if you're looking for a different cheap hack to get rid of rats – then this £2.39 product has you covered.

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