WE'VE all been there – left looking stunned as your friend opts for a pack of pickled onion Monster Munch as part of their bargain meal deal.

Okay, maybe you'd be chuffed with this choice, but some of us would personally prefer a pack of Lightly Salted Kettle Chips.

And while there's nothing wrong with having a different preference to your mate, psychologist Emma Kenny suggests your favourite flavour of crisps actually says a whole lot about you.

Here she reveals what it means if you always opt for Ready Salted – and which flavour suggests you're a little hot-headed…

Ready Salted

First up – the classic ready salted.

Emma, 45, said: "You have a very balanced temperament which means that you do not do drama.


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"Your main focus is to problem-solve even the most complex of challenges and your slow and methodical approach to any new situation means that you tend to succeed.

"Whilst some may suggest that you would benefit from a little more spontaneity in your day, to day life, you like the rhythm of your routine and feel that it has served you well so far.

"In spite of your tendency to play it safe, this doesn’t mean that you are overly reserved in the fun department and somewhat surprisingly you will often be both the first and last person on the dancefloor at any social you are invited to!"

Salt and Vinegar

"Those who know and love you would describe you as a person of extremes. You are the life and soul of the party as well as the introspective deep thinker.

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"Your tendency to over analyse can mean that from time to time you struggle with imposter syndrome and personal insecurity that leads you to overcompensate, meaning that you sometimes burn yourself out.

"You work hard to achieve your dreams and ambitions, but you never wish to appear arrogant which can lead to you failing to celebrate your successes."

She continued: "Your humble nature is also why you are so deeply loved and cherished by those closest to you, and you have an uncanny knack of effortlessly lifting the spirits of friends and family members who are down in the dumps."

Cheese and Onion

The psychologist also suggested that fans of this slightly stinkier option are often unapologetically themselves.

She added: "You know exactly what you want and you unapologetically strive to achieve your goals.

"Some may consider your drive a little cut-throat, but in truth, you are simply focused on getting the best from your life and ensuring that the people you hold dear benefit.

"You admit that you have a stubborn streak and that you are someone who struggles to change their mind even when you come up against a good argument, but in your defence, this tends to be down to the majority of your decisions and ideas working out for you in the long run.

"You are very opinionated and enjoy a heated debate, but you are also a good listener which is why you succeed both in work and your personal relationships."

Prawn Cocktail

"Whilst you come across as relatively laid back, beneath the surface you have mischief running through your core.

"You have a dry wit and a laugh so infectious that others around you cannot help but find themselves giggling in unison.

"When it comes to social arrangements you are the choice for the designated organiser as you always ensure spontaneity and surprises for those involved.

"Your energy is infectious and you are always thinking about the next great adventure to embark on, which can mean that friends and lovers struggle to keep up at times.

"You believe that life is best fully lived and you have little patience with people who refuse to take positive action when things don’t turn out quite as they wished, whilst this can make you seem a little unsympathetic, in truth it is down to you wanting others to get the best from their lives, just as you do from yours."

Pickled Onion

Monster Munch fans, according to the agony aunt, often have a thirst for adrenaline and try to find a reason to break away from their routine.

"You are brilliant at coming up with new ideas, but you often require someone with a little more staying power to make sure these are brought to life.

"You have a thirst for adrenalin and find routine boring, so those close to you need to be ready for last-minute nights out, and spontaneous weekends away.

"Whilst you are someone that is hard to tie down, those who are lucky enough to call you their friend benefit from your intense and unwavering loyalty.

"As you are naturally brave and resilient, during the toughest of times you will be found offering those you love all the support they need whilst others desert them.

"Whilst your effervescent personality makes you a popular person to be around, in reality, your true circle of trust is relatively small and deeply cherished."

Worcestershire Sauce

"You are the first to admit that you are on the hot-headed side and can be a little reactive when it comes to conflict," commented the former This Morning guest therapist.

"This means that some people misunderstand your intentions resulting in them giving you a slightly wider berth than is actually necessary.

"You are a deeply passionate person and you are highly protective over the people that you love which can result in you overreacting at times.

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"Your bark is far worse than your bite and when people eventually get close to you, they find themselves blessed by your warm, empathic and nurturing personality.

"You would benefit from some stress management, as whenever you blow up and lose your temper, you immediately regret doing so and beat yourself up for failing to deal with the situation in a calmer manner."

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