'TALL, dark and handsome' is traditionally how many romance films and novels would have once typically described the perfect 'type' of man.

But when you dig deeper, in real life there's so much more to attraction than just looks.

Whether you go for brunette, blonde or redhead – hair is only a small element of the type of man you typically want to date, and a lot of it is about personality types too.

Here, relationship psychotherapist Dipti Tait shares exactly what your type of man says about you, and why it could be bad news if you love a creative…

Mr Nice Guy

You are attracted to this type of person because you crave the feeling of safety and reassurance in your relationship.

You enjoy stable and harmonious relationships.


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You want to feel settled, looked after, cared about and secure.

 This relationship is calm, steady and predictable. There is a sense of togetherness and completeness.

This relationship can tip into over-dependance and clinginess and if not careful things can become boring and lacking in spontaneity. 

Mr Vain

You are attracted to this type of person because you like to be the centre of attention.

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You enjoy being admired and followed and crave being influential. You exude external confidence and like being complimented.

You enjoy the spotlight and a bit of drama.

This relationship is dynamic, spontaneous and fiery. There is a theme of showiness and exhibitionism.

This relationship can tip into envy and jealousy and if not careful things can become superficial and bitter. 

The Commitment-Phobe

You are attracted to this type of person because you enjoy a challenge.

You crave a sense of freedom and are fiercely independent.

You do not like being tied down and enjoy spontaneity and being flexible and keeping your options open.

This relationship is explosive, and features periods of silence followed by high intensity.

You are both passionate people and this passion is reflected in your dramatic interactions.

This relationship is not long lasting however, and is usually like a sparkler that fizzles out eventually. 

Mr Emotionally Available

You are attracted to this type of person because you are a deep thinker.

You enjoy meaningful conversations and like to explore your feelings.

You are into personal development and growth and feel your relationship is linked to your purpose and life’s mission.

This relationship is deep and meaningful.

There is a beautiful connection and synchronicity between you. You are very tactile with each other.

This relationship can get intense and if not managed can feel imbalanced and ungrounded as emotions can run high.

Mr Already Taken

You are attracted to this type of person because you are a risk taker that craves escapism.

You enjoy living in a fantasy world and you have a rebel inside you.

This relationship will always feel exciting and edgy. There is a sense of rebellion and exciting secrecy.

This relationship can go wrong pretty quickly and things can easily escalate out of control.

The Creative Type

You are attracted to this type of person because you enjoy going with the flow.

You are expressive and like to be free with your thoughts, feelings and lifestyle.

You enjoy deep and meaningful connections and like to think and dream big and you are both big picture visionaries.

This relationship is deep when you are together and on the same wavelength and you can easily connect through your creative centres.

This relationship can be unstable and the connection can be easily broken if you are not grounded.

Mr Money

You are attracted to this type of person because you want to be looked after and protected.

You feel secure and stable when you have someone around you to depend on.

You can be traditional in your outlook and consider yourself to be practical and enjoy a sense of being ‘normal’.

This relationship is practical as well as traditional – so it feels solid and secure.

This relationship can feel predictable over time and may easily tip into over dependance and disempowerment.

The Bad Boy

You are attracted to this type of person because you like a challenge and crave excitement and adventure in your life.

You can be a little bit conflicted in your relationship quest because there is a deep part of you that wants to settle down and be loved and you are equally scared of settling down and being loved.

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This relationship is highly exciting and full of peak experiences. It’s like a rollercoaster ride.

This relationship can get extremely toxic very easily and cause heartbreak.

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