A SWIMMING instructor has shared an important towel trick parents should know in time for summer.

Nikki Scarnati explained how loads of parents usually put towels on their kids wrong.

According to the pro, you should never just wrap a towel around your little ones.

"I myself as a parent did it without even realising it was a thing," she explained on Instagram.

You might usually wrap a towel around their arms and shoulders without even thinking about it, but that might not be the best idea, according to Nikki.

"If they were to fall in the pool this way all their limbs are going to be restricted underneath a wet towel," she said.


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So what should you do instead?

According to Nikki, when your kids are done playing the the pool you should dry of their arms and wrap a towel underneath their arms.

"That way if they end up in the water they still have access to their limbs to self rescue, and they're that much safer," she added.

And it's not just falling into water where the trick comes in handsy, other parents admitted their kids have had accidents because they couldn't stop themselves falling with a towel over their shoulders.

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One commented on the clip: "My son fell on the tile floor with his arms under the towel he had no way to stop his fall. That was a trip to the ER."

A second had a similar experience: "My kid managed to trip and split their chin open on the pool deck with wrap number one.

"Wrap number two is definitely safer for many reasons – and yes, I was walking right next to him he tripped on the towel and fell."

Another wrote: "Great advice. Thing you never think of that just make sense."

"I would've never thought of that, thanks for the tip," someone else said.

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