A TATTOO artist has gone viral after giving a client a galaxy inking on his face – and people are all saying the same thing.

In a video, which has taken the internet by storm, Daisy Lovesick (@daisylovesick), from Brisbane, Australia, revealed one of her latest creations – a face tattoo full of stars, planets and the Moon.

Taking it to TikTok, the Aussie artist said the two had decided to go for a more natural looking set of freckles – but with a little twist.

Although Daisy is more known for her love of vibrant tones – she recently went viral after covering two clients in rainbow and pastel freckles which some even compared to a ''confetti cupcake'' – this time, the whizz and her client, Sigh, opted for ''natural'' colours.

These, she explained, would blend in with his complexion ''really beautifully''.

''But along with conventional freckle shapes, we have created a galaxy across Sigh's cheekbones,'' Daisy showcased her work.

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''As you can see, the main element of this tattoo is the beautiful twinkling star shapes.''

As well as adorable tiny stars, the TikTok-famous tattoo artist had also added a few planets on each side of Sigh's face and what appeared to be the Sun under his left eye.

To complete the look, the design – in light brown colour – also had a crescent moon by the corner of Sigh's right eye.

''I used a few different techniques to make this happen and a few different colours as well, so that when they fade down and Sigh's skin calms down and all of that swelling and redness is gone, everything just blends in really beautifully.''

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Although the client did look satisfied, as he smiled all throughout the clip, Daisy did add that there is a chance that Sigh might need to pop back in for another appointment in case the inking needs a touch-up.

''This is absolutely one of my favourite recent projects that I've got to work on.

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''I love it when people come to me with out-of-the-box ideas and [are] pushing the boundaries of cosmetic tattoo as well.''

Despite having left the internet divided with her previous work of rainbow freckles, where many were convinced the client would grow to regret the decision, the galaxy facial tattoo seemed to be a winner amongst viewers.

''My absolute favourite by far!'' commented a fan, whilst a second said it looked ''cute'' and matched his personality.

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''Incredible. Your eye for placement is unmatched,'' thought a TikTok user.

In fact, there were even a few who were upset they lived so far away from Australia, wishing Daisy could tattoo their faces as well.

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