A TEACHER who was left mortified when one of her students pointed out her "big belly" has revealed how she turned it into a teachable moment.

Kelsey took to TikTok to recall the situation, as she said: "This morning one of my students looked at me and said, 'Miss Chang are you full having just had breakfast?'

"I said, 'Yes I am, why do you ask?'

"And she said, 'Well, because your belly is so big.'

"At first my brain went 'panic' but then I thought, hey, what a wonderful, teachable moment."

She added that she's currently teaching her second grade class about nutrition and "making healthy choices".

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"So I said, 'Yes, my belly is so big because I take good care of myself and eat lots of healthy foods. And I love my big belly'," Kelsey continued.

"And then another student looks at me and says, 'I thought people with big bellies were having babies.'

"And I said, 'Sometimes people with big bellies are having babies, but not everyone with a big belly is having a baby.

"'Sometimes having a big belly just means that you're nice and full and you're taking good care of yourself'."

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She concluded her video by adding: "I'm just feeling really grateful that I get to be this person that is teaching students to love their bodies from a very young age, and also teaching them to accept what other people's bodies look like.

"Because this was not the way that the conversation around bodies sounded when I was growing up, but I'm glad it's changing."

"amazing response," one person wrote in the comments section.

"Grateful for teachers like you, the ability to react and respond quickly & gracefully is not easy."

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As another added: "Child therapist here – these children are so lucky to have you!

"What a positive way to have this conversation!"

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