DO you ever take your items out of your dishwasher in the morning and wonder why they're not clean?

Well, one appliance expert has explained the reasons for that happening – and it actually means less work for you.

In a video on the Mechnically Incleyened TikTok page, a pro took a look at one lady's dishwasher to try and determine why there was a "haze" on all the items after it had finished its cycle.

"She’s cleaning her dishes before she put them in?" he asked, to which the woman confirmed that she was.

"That’s why it’s turning hazy, because that soap isn’t breaking down on the dirt and the grease," he explained.

"All you wanna do is scrape those dishes.

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"Anything bigger than a piece of rice, you wanna scrape off."

Despite the expert's admission in the video, people in the comments section weren't convinced by his explanation.

"If I don’t clean my dishes before the dishwasher they won’t be clean," one person wrote.

"I live in an apartment and the dishwasher sucks!"

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"I always rinse dishes before they go in the dishwasher," another added.

"I don't trust anyone that doesn't."

"I pull dishes out that are dirty and greasy if I don't prewash," a third commented.

"Like grease smears across plates."

Another comment read: "I thought the dishes had to be rinsed. I’m going to try just scraping."

"I took this advice and it didn’t work for me," someone else said.

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"It turns out I have to rinse my dishes off before I put them in a $3,500 dishwasher.

"I HATE my appliances."

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