NO one intentionally wants to look like they’re wearing cheaper clothing than others.

Those who care about looking like chic individuals make sure they're skipping any style mistakes that don’t embody true elegance.

TikToker and style expert Level Blue uploaded a video breaking down 10 common style mistakes elegant women should never do. 

According to her, wearing crop tops is one of the biggest mistakes you can make if you’re trying to fit in with high society members.

Her second tip is to avoid ripped jeans if you want to send the message that you come from old money.

Tip number three is to turn your back on fake designer bags that showcase well-known logos. 

Next, Level Blue says stiletto heels are a total no-go with her example image zoomed in on a bright red pair.

Her fifth tip is to avoid overly revealing clothing that shows off a little too much skin.

Tip number six is to leave your gym clothes at home if you’re not on your way to a workout session or exercise class.

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According to Level Blue, wearing cheap casual T-shirts as everyday wear is a major mistake for anyone wanting to look classy and expensive.

Additionally, she says wearing pieces of clothing covered in cartoon prints is another style mistake to avoid.

Her ninth tip is to refrain from getting super long, overly decorated acrylic nails on your next visit to the salon.

Level Blue's 10th and final tip is to leave grunge-style clothing back in the 90s.

Although over 385,600 people liked her video in agreement, some people aren’t totally on board with everything she mentioned.

One person, for example, wrote: “No. My crop tops stay, even if I’m not elegant after all."

Another person said: "Revealing clothes, to me, can be elegant. This is just YOUR personal opinion. So, you don't have to act like you're right and everyone else is wrong."

Someone argued: "Being elegant is not about what you wear, it's about how you handle yourself and your outfit. It's about your etiquette and posture."

A fourth person said: "Sorry but crop tops, ripped jeans, simple shirts, and cartoon prints are my style!"

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Someone else in the comment section jumped to her defense saying: “You have a great list! Don’t mind angry people in the comments. They just don’t like being called out."

Another person said: “This video is not saying to throw everything you own out because it’s not ladylike. The video is saying if you want to appear elegant then avoid wearing these things.”

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