HAVE you ever entered a holiday party and realized everyone looked the same or similar?

One elegance coach shared her eight looks classy women never wear and what to wear instead — including manicure advice.

Shelli Pelly is a lifestyle influencer and content creator who runs a blog for women over 40 called Annie Parker Confidential.

She took to YouTube to reveal tacky trends to avoid.

"Classy women do not any longer wear bandage dresses," she said. "I am looking at you, Hervé Leger."

"Bandage dresses scream 2005," she warned. "They're dated, they're not really classy, they're too tight, too much boobage, too short, basically all the things that you don't want to do wrapped into one"


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She advised opting for outfits that come in pieces rather than a dress, which most women wear for holiday parties.

"I like to mix it up," she said. "And also have outfits put together that are beautiful."

She also recommended avoiding colors that are too cliché and instead opt for bolder, fresher colors.

"Santa Claus red, Christmas tree green — looking too literal also equals looking a little bit childish a little bit juvenile," she said. "These are colors that my mom put on us when we were five and six years old."

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"Instead try deeper richer jewel tones," she advised.

She also recommended avoiding bright red and Christmas tree green for manicures and pedicures.

"Do what you want but it's a little less sophisticated," she said.

"Instead I like to opt for colors that are a deep berry," she advised.

She criticized risqué looks for cheapening the appearance, including midriff dresses, cut-out dresses, too much bling, and platform shoes.

She emphasized the importance of craftsmanship by nixing worn out shoes and bags as well as cheap fabrics.

Aspiring elegant women lauded Pelly's tips in the comment section.

"I feel like you’re that fabulous aunt who gives amazing advice that I always wanted," a commenter named Freda wrote. "Thank you for your videos! They’re super helpful."

"Thank you beautiful Freda," Pelly replied. "I appreciate you."

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