HAVE you ever thought about how well-dressed you would be if you could afford it?

Well, now you can with these elegant items that are affordable on any budget.

Elegance expert Amira Bessette took to TikTok to share some staple pieces that will make you look like a million bucks without spending $100.

Showcasing a vast amount of items from shops such as Shein, H&M and Zara, Amira guides us on how to present more elegantly.

Her video includes a classic plaid dress from Shein as well as a matching plaid blazer and skirt set, both costing less than $30.

Other smart casual outfits include a tweed two piece from Shein and a sleeveless v neck mini dress available from Insbyr.

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Amira also recommends a $26 white midi bodycon dress from Boohoo which, when paired with high heel court shoes from Zara, gives a chic and graceful look.

Zara also proves a good source for a sophisticated coat while H&M offers some contenders in both beige and black.

All of which cost below $70.

Handbags are the anchor of any outfit and Amira's elegant suggestions are no different.

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She suggests handbags from several collections, such as Next, Aldo, Anna Field and H&M.

Prices range from $20 to $100.

TikTok users were impressed by the fashionable outfits suggested by Amira.

One viewer called the video "mesmerizing" while another asked for "more please".

Amira often gives suggestions on how to dress and behave more elegantly.

In the comment section of her previous videos, viewers have reacted positively to Amira's message that elegance is all about your behavior.

"Elegance is everything about behavior and nothing about money," said one comment.

Amira agreed, replying: "Even if someone wants to dress elegantly, they don’t have to spend thousands."

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