WE all love imagining what it must be like to live a luxurious celebrity lifestyle, and we can’t get enough of having a peek inside their homes on social media.

But while at first glance it may seem unobtainable to achieve the look in your own home, with a little know-how it turns out you can get the celebrity look on a mere mortal’s budget.

Here interior design expert Georgina Burnett, who has featured on This Morning and vlogs for The Home Genie, reveals her top tips for adding a touch of showbiz magic to your gaff.

Mirror magic

If you're looking for an instant 'glam-up', take a leaf out of Stacey Solomon's book, and start by adding a statement mirror.

Georgina says: "Oversized grand mirrors not only become features in a room, but they also make it appear larger and more glamorous.


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"If you place one at the opposite end of the room to the door, you even give the effect of an extended space.

"Place one opposite a window and you spread the light throughout the room.

Large mirrors don’t need to cost a fortune, but they do need to look classy.

Georgina says: "Either buy second-hand, or you can tart up less appealing ones by painting them with something like a chalk paint that even adheres to plastic and will give an elegant matt finish.

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"Or you could go funkier with statement colours which scream the confidence of an A-lister."

Light it up

If you're not famous you might not see your name in lights in the literal sense, but you can still use lighting to your advantage within the home.

Georgina says: "Even the dowdiest of rooms can be given the superstar treatment with clever lighting.

"If the room can take it, go large with your light fittings."

If the price of chandeliers leaves you panicked, Georgina recommends sourcing preloved items online, at charity shops, markets and reclamation yards.

"Remember to introduce light throughout the room – lamps at different levels can make all the difference," she adds.

"Pay attention to dark corners which need to be well lit in order to spread energy throughout a room and go warm with your bulbs too."


This one is free, but is arguably one of the hardest tasks to implement and stick to.

Georgina says: "It’s very rare you will see a celeb showing off a messy mansion, so it’s time to declutter.

"Whilst their lives in the spotlight may be chaotic, their homes generally have the appearance of being calm, with little on display to spill the beans about what happens behind closed doors.

"To get the look, you need to clear all surfaces. When decluttering, ask yourself if an item serves you anymore.

"If the answer is no, then its time in the limelight is over, and it’s got to go."

Be confident with colour

You might not be able to afford to redecorate every time there's a new trend like a celeb can, but you can still ensure you keep up with the times by keeping your walls neutral and adding pops of colour.

Georgina says: "You really need proper colour schemes too if you want your celebrity-esque gaffe.

"The mistake most people make is to just throw everything they already own into a room and hope for the best.

"Instead, go for strong colour schemes – think bold and confident.

"This doesn’t mean going to the expense of redecorating. Instead, make the most of your furnishings and accessories against more neutral backdrops.

"This is a cheaper way of switching out colours as fashions change."

Clever with colour

While celebrities can rely on interior designers to help them perfect their colour scheme, this isn't the most affordable option.

Georgina says: "Thankfully, you don’t have to splash the cash – get yourself a colour wheel for a couple of quid from Amazon instead.

"This simple aid will help to build your confidence with colour.

"Not only does it demonstrate which colours work in harmony and as accents, it also guides you through more sophisticated colour schemes so you can inject the wow factor into any room."

Natural talent

If you can’t afford to fill a room with high-end accessories, house plants are all you need.

Georgina says: "It’s a very easy and low budget way of giving a room star quality.

"Check out cut-price plants and nurse them back to health and you also have the satisfaction of saving a life.

"If you worry about keeping them alive, cut a small bottle in half and perforate the bottom.

"Sit this in the soil and fill with water and it will gradually release the water which is what most plants prefer."

You could also give your home the red-carpet look by filling it with flowers.

Georgina says: "Of course, we can’t all be forking out for ever-changing bouquets so go for dried or preserved bunches instead."

Quality over quantity

Finally, sometimes less is more.

In the same way fashion stylists advise clients to wear one expensive item to ensure they are catwalk ready, interior designers like Georgina have similar advice.

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Georgina adds: "If you invest in one high-end item of furniture, it will elevate everything else in the room and save you money overall.

"Make sure it’s a statement piece that becomes a focal point of the room for maximum effect."

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