AN AUSTRALIAN bikini designer with 1.2million followers on Instagram has hit back at a troll who called her a "whale".

Karina Irby, 31, regularly posts uplifting body positive content on her page and shares unfiltered photos of herself.

While she has accumulated lots of fans by doing so, not everyone is impressed.

Karina is no stranger to a troll or too, and from time to time she shares the vile comments they leave on her account.

She responded to one particularly nasty troll in a recent video she uploaded – and it's since gone viral.


Karina attached a screenshot of the comment she received, which said: “You actually suck. I’m embarrassed for you.

"No one wants to see fat chicks dancing poorly to the Macarena. Go for a jog and get a thigh gap you whale."

In response to the nasty comment, the 31-year-old danced to the popular song 'Macarena' in her underwear in the clip.

Karina captioned the post: "STOP WITH YOUR BURNER ACCOUNTS. You’re a bunch of #FUNSUCKERS. Argghhhh these gutless cowards on social media make me cringe!

"I posted this light hearted silly 'dance' vid (as I do) on my story last week and the amount of burner comments was ridiculous.

"If you want to call someone names and make public opinions on their body at least have the balls to show your true profile."

She continued: "This is the absolute lowest form of bullying on the internet.

"I see them EVERYWHERE. And I see them heavily impacting peoples mental health. It’s such a shame we can actually let these ghosts inside our minds.

"Stay strong. Shake it off. And have fun with it."

At the time of writing, the video had more than 470k views and over 42k likes.

People rushed to the comments to express how much Karina has helped them with their own body acceptance and slammed the troll in the process.

"Ppl [sic] are too much. Girl keep doing you and keep making ppl smile —- if they don’t like it why are they following you and viewing your content," one person wrote.

"Those who have time to hate on others are those that can’t look themselves in the mirror without liking who’s looking back at them. I love your posts because they remind I’m beautiful being me!" someone else commented.

"Where’s the fat at on you… because girl you are STUNNING," a third person wrote.

A fourth person added: "Your account makes me feel so safe!!!"

Elsewhere on Fabulous, I’m spending £4.1k getting myself glam for childbirth – trolls say I’m an unfit mother but it’s the perk of a C-section.

Plus I asked for choppy layers at the hairdresser, it was a disaster & even worse when they tried to fix it.

Meanwhile, I’m a proud ‘hotwife’, I’m married but have sex with other men – my husband loves it even though he’s faithful to me.

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