A BEAUTY lover has shared how she achieves a glowing complexion with just two easy anti-ageing tips, including a 57p beverage she swears by.

When it comes to banishing wrinkles and fine lines, the first two words to spring to mind are typically Botox, as well as filler injections that can go terribly wrong.

But according to one woman, TikTok user @yurileeeee, you can achieve a radiant glow and smooth skin without forking out a fortune for procedures.

The beauty enthusiast, from California, the USA, took to TikTok to share her favourite tips, including a drink that costs just 57p to make.

These two tips, she said in her video, are a must and she never misses them ''to help reduce wrinkles and fine lines''.

As revealed by the whizz, your diet plays key in your health – and you are what you eat, so it's essential to keep your body nourished with the right foods and supplements.


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The ''number one'' product @yurileeeee always makes sure to incorporate in her day-to-day life is HyaCera vegan-friendly capsules by the brand Ritual.

''As we get older, hyaluronic acid decreases in our skin which makes it thinner, drier and more prone to wrinkles.''

She added: ''I take one capsule daily. You have to be consistent to see results.

''But it's been a game-changer for my skin from head to toe.''

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The second tip in her skin-tervention video was drinking celery juice, which can be prepared for less than £1.

This is something the beauty guru drinks at the start of every day on an empty stomach, praising its detox qualities that work like a charm for your digestion.


What's more, she emphasised, celery juice also contains vital nutrients that ''reduce inflammation and boost hydration''.

''Of course, skincare is important – but what's coming from within is more powerful if you wanna glow from inside out.''

@yurileeeee is not the only one to rave about this budget-friendly beauty essential – celebs, such as Kate Ferdinand, recently said that the secret to her super toned body was celery juice, alongside vigorous exercise.

UK singer Cheryl also praised the drink, saying it's behind her weight loss success when paired with theon-trend apple cider vinegar, also known as ACV in the health and wellness community.

However, whilst many have been hailing celery juice as the next big thing, research shows that the liquid format contains less nutrients than eating a raw celery stick.

The health experts added that despite being hugely popular, there was no evidence to support claims that ''juicing or juice cleanses can detoxify the liver or heal chronic illnesses''.

What's more, celery also containsabout 32 mg of sodium per 1 medium stalk (roughly 40g).

People are advised to be mindful of how much sodium they consume, as a high-sodium diet may increase blood pressure, as well as cause fluid retention.

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Viewers raced to comments, where one said: ''You are Glowing today.''

Another chimed in: ''Also you have an amazing glow.''

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