A PLUS-SIZED influencer has revealed she receives vile abuse from online trolls, despite dedicating her accounts to body positivity and self-love.

Honor Hopkins, 23, from Milton Keynes, Bucks, created her online alter ego account gh0stblondie in 2013 as a form of escapism and a way to express her love for makeup and fashion.

Keeping it a secret throughout her school years due to her shy and quiet character, Honor’s TikTok account now has over 273k followers.

Honor really struggled with her body image so created videos to highlight body positivity with hopes of influencing others, yet despite a generally pleasing reaction, cruel trolls often leave vicious comments such as 'fat' and 'look at that gut'.

The abuse Honor receives is a regular occurrence; cyber bullies have compared her to an elephant, others have simply left remarks like 'heart disease' and 'fat f*ck' and she even received the message 'style clearly does have a size'.

She said: "I’ve been posting about body positivity for years but yet I still have people commenting horrible things on my pictures and videos for absolutely no reason!

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"I posted a video on TikTok recently which just documented my day when I'd visited a zoo, and yet people were commenting and comparing me to an elephant.

"It was absolutely horrible and because this post was sponsored by a brand, I couldn't turn the comment section off, so I had to sit there seeing all this hate.

"It’s so important for people to know size doesn't matter and how they're beautiful just the way they are, which is why I post pictures with quotes – my favourite is 'love the skin you're in'.

"Recently I posted a quote picture which read, 'You are not meant to fit clothes, clothes are meant to fit you' and it reached a hell of a lot of people!

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“Similarly, I posted a picture with the quote ‘style has no size’ and despite it receiving over 12,000 likes, it was still a target for trolls.

"Because of the reach on these posts, some people started commenting things like 'fat', 'damn look at that gut', and 'heart disease', so I reposted the picture with the nasty comments edited in.

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"It’s absolutely never okay to say things like that to others, so with people like that it’s important to call them out directly and to show them up."

Despite the disgusting comments Honor receives, it hasn't put her off trying to help others embrace themselves.

"Although I always felt bigger than my friends, I was never made to feel it by them, so I’m very lucky I was never directly called out or shamed for being bigger.

"This is why gh0stblondie exists now, because I want girls like me, and girls growing up looking a bit curvier, to know it’s okay to exist as you are and how you don’t have to change!

"Body positivity is extremely important to me and always has been. When I was younger, I used to feel so self-conscious at school around the other girls.

"Topshop was in its prime when I was growing up, but it was a store that never catered for girls my size; everyone was getting the Joni style jeans and I wanted them too.

"Most of the girls were a size 8, and I was a 16, but I decided to get some to wear on a non-uniform day at school and felt completely out of place, dreadful, and extremely self-conscious with them on.

"I was always that person who wore something black or baggy to hide my shape but after that non-uniform day, something just snapped in me and I wanted to embrace who I was.

"I've always been into fashion but the only way I could express myself for a long time was through makeup and trainers, because those things aren't defined by your size.

"With this in mind, my mum suggested I start to make fashion videos with the Boohoo plus-sized range and that’s when gh0stblondie was born – and look at me now!

"Rather than hiding behind clothes I wanted to show my true self through them!"

Honor's account receives many thankful messages, with comments like: 'Thank you for helping me accepting myself'.

She added: "I'm so happy and grateful I can help others to see how perfect they are for just being themselves.

“And it’s so important to go shopping with an open mind so you can find what’s right for you as an individual.

"Of course, like everyone, I still have really bad body image days, but I feel I can deal with them so much better now – the quotes still help me as they're on my mirror when I wake up every day.

"My parents have always been very supportive of me throughout my journey, and they've seen my confidence grow, as well as a big change in my approach to life and fashion.

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"Losing weight is something I’ve thought about but not something I’ve ever pursued!

“I’m now happy being me, happy in the skin I’m in, and my weight has never got in the way!” 

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