IT'S easy to picture the scene: groups of women going crazy as male strippers dance their way around the stage.

Some want to show their appreciation and gleefully insert a few dollar bills in the last piece of clothing their heroes for a night are wearing.

The times are changing, however, and Will Parfitt, the Channing Tatum lookalike selling out shows in Australia and beyond with his Magic Men touring group, has told The U.S. Sun those old stereotypes have been consigned to the trash bin forever.

Today, the shows Parfitt and his pals put on are super slick.

Inspired by the Magic Mike film series, starring Hollywood heartthrob Tatum, these shows aren't a night in a run-down, dodgy old nightclub.

No one is going to be stuffing a few dollars down his trousers either.

"It's funny because people who have never been to a show, they do still kind of think women throw money at us," Parfitt says with a chuckle.

"But I think that's like an old-school stripper thing. With the Magic Men, it's more of like a ticketed event now.

"Think of it like a concert or going to like a theater show more than chucking dollars off on stage. I wish I was like that!"

With the Magic Men performing to packed crowds all over Australia and a new North America, Canada, and European tour on the horizon, ticket sales are going through the roof.

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Every night, a lucky few in the audience are given the chance to get up close and personal with the Magic Men.

"It's pretty like crowd interactive and we do pick every single girl that comes up on stage," said Parfitt.

"They do get like pretty hands-on, especially when they get a bit drunker. They don't mind digging their nails in sometimes.

"But it's all good."

Battle scars may be part of the territory but Parfitt doesn't need a G-String full of cash to keep himself afloat.

The British-born, Australia-based performer is loving every minute – in fact, it didn't take long at all to become the star of the show.

Prospective new performers were put through their paces as topless servers.

That whetted the appetite for the main course.

"At the start, I wasn't sure if this was going to be for me," the 32-year-old recalled.

"But when I went for the trial, it was basically just being topless in a club full of women. I thought it was easy money, and I fancied doing it for a while."

Being on the other side of the world certainly had its perks.

"I was still traveling, so it wasn't like I was going to bump into any of my family," he said.

Once the trial was over, the fun really began. Parfitt dumped his server's outfit and headed on stage.

"As soon as you get your confidence up and you feel like you're ready, then you start performing," he said.

"You start doing rehearsals with the boys and then you jump on stage and start performing. It felt just like a night out with the lads."

The show isn't just a group of guys strolling around stage in various stages of undress.

It's heavily choreographed with some highly skilled performers working their magic.

"When Magic Men first started, it was more like based just around stripping," Parfit added.

"Whereas now as we've progressed, half the crew are actually professional dancers and the rest are strippers. So, it's a bit of a mixture of both really.

"We have break dancers, hip-hop dancers, the lot."

The show may be a very well-oiled machine, but that doesn't stop a few butterflies in the stomach when showtime rolls around.

"Do I get nervous? 100 percent," Parfitt, who originates from Croydon, England, admitted.

"For my first lot of shows, I definitely needed a couple of shots before going on stage.

"But after doing plenty of private shows beforehand – birthdays, hen parties – you are already used to performing."

The schedule is pretty hectic with the Magic Men on the road at the back end of every week, often doing multiple shows a day.

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"We're doing more than any other male entertainment company in the world right now," he admitted.

"But I'm enjoying every moment."

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