A WOMAN has revealed how she uses two cupboard essentials to replace cakey foundation and concealer on the cheap.

A growing number of beauty enthusiasts have decided to ditch make-up and go au naturel – and amongst those is Aimee Guess.

The mum, from the sunny coasts of California, the USA, recently revealed that she's made the decision to embrace her bare skin and no longer hides behind face make-up, including foundation and brightening concealer.

Although at first it was a bumpy start to the journey, she's since learned how to make her complexion look as radiant as ever – and it's all thanks to a few cupboard staples.

Rather than hiding behind heavy – and oftentimes pricey – make-up bag essentials, the thrifty mum swears by a homemade turmeric mask.

According to Aimee, not only does the DIY mixture calls for just a handful of ingredients, it also offers heaps of benefits your skin will be grateful for.

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''The turmeric mask helps decrease the appearance of age spots and it’s very easy to do,'' she claimed on Instagram.

What's more, beauty experts have shared, the common spice is packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

As well as tackling darker spots, turmeric – also known as haldi – helps healing skin wounds, reduces blemishes, moisturises dry skin and can even protects against environmental damage.

To make a DIY mask, the savvy mum used 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric which she mixed with one tablespoon of honey.

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Once the homemade mask is ready – yes, that's all you will need – leave it on your face for five to ten minutes and rinse off with water and moisturising soap afterwards.

To achieve the maximum results, Aimee said she applied the 7p mask on her face once to twice every week.


Much like turmeric, honey, too, boasts almost magical properties for your skin – and it's a must as the temperatures begin to drop and we're approaching winter.

Honey is a natural humectant and moisturiser. It draws moisture deep into the skin, making it useful for dry skin conditions and anti-ageing. 

This results in a plumper, softer skin which is topped off with a jaw-dropping glow that will make heads turn.

Packed with powerful components, this sweet cupboard essential speeds up the healing process and reduces inflammation.

''I stopped wearing face makeup to conceal my skin and I’m embracing the all natural look.

''I was shy about it at first, but I’ve learned that it’s a beautiful experience.''

Aimee went on to add: ''In doing this I learned about DIY face masks using kitchen ingredients and I am loving it!''

As well as nourishing her skin with kitchen must-haves, the thrifty mum also swears by something she calls ''steamer tents'', regular ice baths for her face, as well as a strict skincare regiment.

To open her pores and get rid of all the junk, Aimee likes to fill a massive bowl full of hot water and lean over it whilst covering her head with a towel.

Much like regular sauna, this at-home steaming session flushes out any toxins and impurities you may having living in your skin – and body.

Meanwhile, ice plunges – also known as cryotherapy – tackle common issues, such as acne, wrinkles and overall dullness of your complexion.

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