A SINGLE woman has delved into the details of her love life – and revealed why 2023 has marked dating disaster. 

Social media user The Livvy Diaries decided to create a “dating wrapped” – mimicking the popular trend of Spotify wrapped – where she summed up her romantic life over the past twelve months. 

The 22-year-old TikToker, who can be found at @thelivvydiaries, made a tongue-in-cheek powerpoint display so she could run through the details.

And it didn’t take long for the singleton to lift the lid on why it had been memorable for all of the wrong reasons. 

She introduced the video by saying: “Welcome to my 2023 dating wrapped – it’s been a long year, we’re here to unpack everything.”

Livvy then continued to explain that she’d signed up to the likes of dating sites and apps Hinge, Thursday, Bumble and through mutual friends. 



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And things got off to a good start, as her swiping led to several matches. 

And in the space of 2023, Livvy revealed she’d been on twenty dates in total, with eleven different people aged 24 – 29. 

Making up the eleven men were three sales workers, two who worked in finance, two traders, a chef, a pro MMA fighter and one who worked in property.

She also joked there was still one that she wouldn’t be able to tell you what he did for a living if her life depended on it.

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Of the eleven, five only made it through to a first date, three got a second romantic outing and another went on to land a third date.

But, as Livvy went on to explain, they didn’t all have a happy ending. 

She continued to explain to her 8000 followers: “I dumped eight people this year.

“And two people dumped me – their loss. 

She added: “And one person is still ongoing, I hope he never sees this.”

But why did she choose to end things with eight of the men?

That’s where things got really interesting, as Liv shared how she’d discovered that two of the men she’d dated actually had a partner of their own.

She revealed: “Two people had secret girlfriends – you are disgusting!”

Other reasons things went sour included one man who lied to her about his appearance.

She explained: “One person I went on a date with told me he was 5 foot 10 inches. We stood up and he was smaller than me – I’m 5 foot 2 inches. 

“Instantly never spoke to him again. If you’re going to lie about your height, do it reasonably. 

“The rest of them I kind of just got a bit bored, I’ve got a really short attention span.”

Liv also turned the tables on herself and told the reasons she was dumped twice – once by someone who provided no reason, and another by someone who decided to block her.

But there were plenty of unforgettable moments in between – and not always for the reasons you’d want.

Livvy went on to say: “I went on a date with a guy and his ex-girlfriend found me on Instagram and rang me 13 times that evening.

“Another highlight was when me and my mate woke up in a flat inside a pub in Amsterdam and to get out we had to walk down four flights of stairs and leave through the shop front.

“Finally, I went on a date with a guy and stayed around his. I woke up in the morning and apparently he still lived with his parents.

“They offered me breakfast and I said yes. I sat there and he obviously wanted me to go, but I wanted free food. Amazing breakfast, I’ve got to say.”

And it seems that thanks to all the ups and downs of dating she doesn’t have high hopes of finding lasting love next year, either.

The Livvy Diaries concluded her post: “We’re not going to kid ourselves, we will be here again next year doing the same thing.

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“But I hope you enjoyed living in my misery.” 

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