A WOMAN has been having second thoughts about her daughter's name.

She's concerned its associations with a famous fictional character are too strong.

Even worse, other people have described it as a "cute dog name."

This new mom has gone around in circles trying to work out if it is the right name for her girl.

Eventually, she decided to consult with an online forum to see if it could dispense any wisdom or advice.

It managed to reassure her, but not completely.

There were nearly 400 comments on her post on Reddit.

“What do you think of the name Winnie?" she asked.

She was agonizing over it: “I think it could be super cute, but I'm afraid people will automatically relate it to Winnie the Pooh.

"Even though it's a popular adorable character, [it's] still concerning.”

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But one commenter on her post informed her there was another Winnie fictional character, and it wasn't a bear.

"I didn’t even think of Winnie the Pooh until I read the comment. Only Winnie Cooper. And her real name was Gwendolyn [from the original series, The Wonder Years] which is so pretty," they said.

This cheered her no end.

"Omg. I never thought of Gwendolyn for Winnie! I’m just not the biggest fan of Winifred. So you just made me so happy," she wrote.

Her happy moment was fleeting for other commenters soon reminded her it would make a great name – for a family pet.

"My dog's name is Winnie Cooper. She’s a delightful 75 lb golden retriever," said this person.

Similarly, another mutt lover said: "I have an 8 lb terrier called Winnie. She is a delight when she chooses to be."

Finally, further confirmation that Winnie has multiple applications in the animal world.

"My mother’s cat is Winslow Arizona and we call her Winnie," wrote this feline lover, not too helpfully.

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