A WOMAN has revealed she’s found a simple hack to remove condensation from her windows during the winter months.

Taking to social media, the woman shared a photo of the product, revealing that she uses Buzz Cleaning’s Glass Cloth. 

The packaging states that it reduces the spread of bacteria, removes finger marks and smudges and is streak-free. 

“Breeze through the cleaning chores with the premium microfibre glass cloth launched by Buzz,” the description reads.

“Designed to leave glass surfaces hygienically clean and crystal clear, removing dust, marks and dirt from surfaces such as mirrors, windows or bathroom screens. 

“The microfibre cleaning cloth is a convenient tool for all bathrooms.”

And the best part? It’s just £1. 

In the caption, she explained: “That time of the year that terrible condensation comes back on the windows , found these in savers , £1 and omg for such a thin cloth they suck up all the moisture !!! 

“Definitely worth a try if your windows are as bad as mine in the mornings …..”

People were quick to comment on her post as one person immediately asked: “Where from please,” to which she replied: “savers for £1 x”.

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A second questioned: “Are they reusable???”

The woman explained: “I have used mine a few times , haven’t washed it yet , I think washable same as any cloth you buy x”. 

While a third suggested an alternative solution as they wrote: “I use cheapest liquid, small amount of £1coin size, wipe around the seal and works perfectly.

“Try to open your window and air the room during the day/ leave window slightly open at night.

“Works perfectly. Tried and tested in bedrooms and bathroom”.

But the woman wasn’t too convinced as she replied: “I have done that and personally it didn’t do a great job, always wondered by putting so much chemicals on the seals of the window it wouldn’t be great for them over time ? x”.

They responded: “I hear what you are saying. I suppose it might depend on the windows. I apply the method and only refresh when I clean my windows.

“I have been using this method for 20 years. During the day time, I keep the bedroom / house windows open and that helps too.”

Others, meanwhile, said they found the cloth on Amazon, making it an easy purchase. 

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