A viral trend has seen TikTok users trying a rather unique method to reverse any signs of aging.

A TikToker shared a video of himself trying the anti-aging hack and explained the reasoning behind the trend.

TikTok user Joe Moody, known to his followers as Joe Drummer Boy, tried a viral trend, which is supposed to reverse aging.

"Turns out slapping is another way to keep the face looking young and tight," Joe informed his followers.

He explained the background to the viral TikTok trend that has seen users slapping their own faces.

"Someone on TikTok recently discovered this when they saw a group of women on a South Korean airline, all slapping their faces on a plane," Joe said.

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He continued: "And then they kept doing it in the bathroom and she noticed how young they all looked."

The TikToker discussed how the unusual method "[energizes] cells and boosts circulations."

"It goes beyond reversing our age and into the heart of what keeps us young. If you’ve seen me do my tapping routine or the bouncing routine, these are all helping release endorphins within our body, which are the natural feel good chemicals," Joe explained.

He added: "So in addition to boosting circulation and adding color, we’re actually making ourselves feel better.

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"We’re becoming more optimistic, which creates this awesome loop because when we feel better, we’re more likely to do these activities," Joe said.

The TikToker said he likes to use the "bongo technique" and advised his followers to have fun with the anti-aging method.

Joe's followers took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the interesting trend.

"I’m definitely gonna try this. Especially now that I’m stressed out, I need a little plumpness and circulation on my face," wrote one user.

Another viewer said: "Slapping my faces while waiting for my coffee to brew! My family thinks I’ve lost my mind!"

"Hope it’s not too late for me, could use a good slap," commented a third person.

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