A BEAUTY whizz has been slammed after people said her lash extensions are so huge, they must belong to a dragon.

Looking to grow her fanbase, one whizz, social media user @lashaddicttt, took to TikTok to showcase her work – but sadly, the reaction was not the one she was after.

The beauty tech, believed to be from the US, uploaded a clip of one of her clients, showing what their lashes looked like before and after the appointment.

According to the whizz, who is known for her fluttery sets of fake eyelashes, the client had requested a pair with ''mega volume'' – and it's safe to say, the wishes were delivered.

Some of the hairs, the pro demonstrated in the video, were a whopping 26mm and almost touched the woman's eyebrows.

However, despite the efforts, it seems that the clip went viral for all the wrong reasons.

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Hair-rified by what they had just seen, more than 44k TikTok users flocked to comments to share their thoughts and tag their pals.

''On nah baby that’s a dragons lashes,'' one chuckled.

Someone else agreed, adding: ''sometimes u jus gotta say no [sic].''

Another wrote: ''birds for lashes.''

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''WHERE YOU FLYING TO,'' a social media user wanted to know.

Speaking of huge lashes, one woman was left in stitches after a beauty appointment left her convinced she could fly with her new extensions.

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In a viral clip on TikTok, Carter (@currentlycarterr) proved why you should never cheat on your lash lady.

After finding out that her trustworthy technician had a family emergency she had to attend, Carter decided to book an appointment with another specialist working at the same salon – but this turned out to be a huge mistake.

At the start of the video, the luxury travel fan could be seen in a close-up, before revealing the tragedy that had taken place moments before.

After pointing the camera to the new extensions, Carter burst out laughing.

''What am I gonna do?'' she was in hysterics with tears in her eyes.

''Why are they so thick? They're like velvet, like they're so thick,'' Carter showcased the fresh lashes, which she was charged $165 (£125) for.

According to her, she could even sense that the salon employee was ''panicking because she knew how bad they looked but like she didn't know what to do about it''.

''So obviously she's maybe never use these lashes before or something, I'm trying to give her the benefit of the doubt.

''She said she's been doing lashes for three years…''

Mortified at the final result – and also unable to see properly – the beauty lover then went on to add she would head home to attempt to remove the thick extensions, which some compared to Angry Birds eyelashes.

''I'm gonna have to take a hot shower and and baby oil […] and coconut oil [my face] and pray – send help!''

Viewers were left in stitches, with some taking to comments to share their reaction.

''It’s ok. Look on the bright side, you can now avoid high gas prices by flying to work,'' chuckled one person.

Another observant user pointed out: ''She didn’t even fill your corners in! It looks like she only placed them in the middle.''

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A fellow expert commented: ''I’m a lash artist and I can’t stand this style […] I’ll do it if someone wants but NO ONE WANTS THIS.''

''It’ll look better after a few days when some of it washes out. I think it’ll look fine with some makeup,'' someone thought.

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