A MCDONALD'S employee has shared the secret codes they use when wrapping burgers.

Abbie works at the fast food outlet at Cribbs Causeway, Bristol, and regularly shares updates from her job on her social media pages.

In a recent clip on TikTok, Abbie detailed how she makes a double cheeseburger, and in particular the way she wraps it.

"First, take your bun and pop it down the toaster," she began.

"While that's toasting, grab your wrapper.

"Whatever the burger is, have that name at the top corner facing towards the toaster.

"So like this if it's a bacon mayo, a mayo chicken, a bacon double cheeseburger, and a normal double cheeseburger."

With the "double cheeseburger" symbol in the top left corner, she then put the top of the bun on to the double cheeseburger circle, before getting to work on the bottom.

She then put the ingredients on – starting with ketchup, mustard, onion, two pickles, cheese on top, cheese on bottom.

Next was the burger patties themselves, with Abbie layering them with slices of cheese.

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Once she then put the bottom bun on the top, she got to work wrapping it.

After folding the paper in a triangle towards the top, she then tucked the bottom under and the sides in.

Doing so meant that the "double cheeseburger" symbol was on the top – making it clear to identify for other employees too.

People were quick to comment on the video, with many admitting they had never known about the wrapper trick.

"It's the same wrapper!" one wrote, alongside a "mind blown" emoji.

"Can you do a slow mo of the wrap?" another requested.

"My brain never comprehends it."

As a third commented: "I love the paper placement, never knew that!"

Others slammed Abbie for not wearing any gloves while preparing the food.

"And not a single glove in sight," one wrote.

"No gloves is crazy," another agreed.

"We have to wear gloves as lunch ladies at schools," a third commented.

"Fast food workers don’t have to???"

But some McDonald's employees hit back, insisting that they don't wear gloves because it's unhygienic to do so.

"To everyone saying we don't wear gloves as a current maccies employee we have to wash hands every half hour or if it has been contaminated by something," one wrote.

"For everyone saying gloves, we only wear gloves to handle raw meat and things from the chiller," another added.

"We don't use gloves to prepare food because its less hygienic and we wash our hands every 30 minutes instead!!"

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"Y'all it's cleaner to regularly wash your hands," a third commented.

As another wrote: "It’s actually more unsanitary to wear gloves then it is to just wash your hands."

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