THE Queen "firmly denied" Meghan and Harry's "inappropriate" request when they moved to Windsor, a royal expert has revealed.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex made a personal request to Her Majesty when they moved to Windsor – just months before quitting the UK and the Royal Family.

But a report by the Times claims the couple requested that "living quarters could be made available after their marriage" inside the castle itself – which only the Queen and husband Philip would stay in.

But Her Majesty "firmly denied" the couple and instead gifted them her beloved Frogmore Cottage, the publication reports.

The revelation comes as the monarchy braces for the release of Harry's bombshell memoirs – controversially titled Spare – on January 10 next year.

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  • The Sun

    Meghan Markle opens up on her and Prince Harry’s ‘chaotic mornings’

    Two years after stepping down from royal duties, Meghan Markle shares inside look at her and Prince Harry’s morning routine.

    “The morning rush, I’m sure, it’ll only get more chaotic as they get older,” Meghan shared on her Archetypes podcast.

    “But for me, it’s, you know, both monitors on for the kids to hear them. Always up with Lili, get her downstairs, then a half hour later, Archie’s up.”

    Meghan also speaks of making lunchboxes, getting Lili “a little nibble”, and Harry preparing Archie for the day ahead.

    “I make breakfast for all three of them. It’s very important to me. I love doing it,” said Meghan.

    “For me it just feels like the greatest way to start the morning.”

  • Joseph Gamp

    Who could feature in Prince Harry’s memoir?

    Here is a list of the Prince’s closest friends who might be mentioned in his upcoming book, SPARE.

    • Chelsy Davy – Prince Harry’s ex girlfriend from between 2004-2011
    • Tom Inskip – Eton College friend of the Duke’s
    • Cressida Bonas – Dated Harry between 2012 and 2014
    • David Foster – ‘Father figure’ for the Prince, and close friend in the US

    Prince Harry’s memoir may ruin relationship with brother, expert warns

    Prince Harry’s no-holds-barred book, Spare, may spell end of relationship with Prince William, according to royal expert Robert Jobson.

    “My feeling is it will just cause a bit of damage for the new King, but it won't actually change anything,” he said, Speaking to Australia's Sunrise Show.

    "In terms of the relationship between William and Harry, I think that'll probably be the end of it."

    He also questioned the prince’s choice of title for the book.

    “It seems he has got a bit of a chip on his shoulder about it.”

    “I'm surprised it is the title. Maybe he should call it 'Despair' instead.

    “It sounds like it's going to be pretty desperate.

    “A lot of people think it will be a huge mistake from Harry but he is going ahead with it.

    “So I don't think it will make for a good Christmas for the Royal Family.”

    • Joseph Gamp

      The Crown's Jonathan Pryce admits he 'is not a monarchist'

      Jonathan Pryce has admitted he is not a monarchist and was initially a "reluctant viewer" of The Crown, ahead of the release of the fifth series.

      The 75-year-old Welsh actor portrays Prince Philip in the upcoming series of the Emmy award-winning Netflix show.

      Speaking about his decision to take on the role of Prince Philip, Pryce said: "I already knew it was a really good series, as I'd watched it from the beginning – though I started off as a reluctant viewer.

      "I'm not a monarchist, and I thought I would have very little interest in the royal family but my wife Kate and I decided to watch it. We got to the end of episode one, and we turned to each other and said, 'Shall we watch another one?'. We just got hooked."

      He added: "What made me the most nervous is the public's perception of Philip, and whether I could come anywhere close to it."

    • Joseph Gamp

      Princess Royal opens hub for Royal Navy families

      The Princess Royal yesterday opened a community hub which provides support for families with a parent in the armed forces.

      Anne met users and staff at the new Gosport Community Hub which will serve 435 children from service families in the Gosport and Fareham area of Portsmouth.

      The centre has been built and staffed thanks to a grant of £400,000 from the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity (RNRMC) which Anne has been the patron of since 2007.

      Mandy Lindley, director of relationships and funding at the RNRMC, said: "As a Royal Navy veteran and Gosport resident of over 40 years, I am part of a proud and significant Royal Navy community in this area.

      "My husband and I both served and my family have experienced some of the unique challenges and difficulties that come with service life, experiences shared by many families here in Gosport.

      "Therefore, the creation of the Gosport Community Hub to support local Royal Navy families and the wider school community has personal significance for me, and I am proud that the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity has been at the forefront of delivering this milestone facility."

      The centre is partnered with the Gosport and Fareham Multi Academy Trust (GFMAT) with the aim of providing families with a dedicated space to "meet, socialise and find valuable peer support from those who share the unique challenges of having a parent in the Armed Forces".

      Chris Willis, executive headteacher at the GFMAT, was named Income Innovator of the Year at the National School Awards 2021 for his involvement in the project.

      He said: "The hub is part of our wider Gosport community strategy, which focuses on raising the aspiration and engagement of our families and community partners across the town."

    • The Sun

      King Charles statement on Cop27 after Rishi Sunak U-turn

      King Charles has broken his silence after Rishi Sunak announced he will attend summit in Egypt following U-turn.

      King Charles has been vocal about his concerns, including climate change, air and plastic pollution, for decades.

      "As has been made clear previously, in unanimous agreement with government, His Majesty will not be attending COP27,” Buckingham Palace said in a statement.

      "His focus is on the pre-COP reception at Buckingham Palace this Friday, where senior business leaders, experts and NGOs can discuss the important work of the summit and explore ways in which public-private partnership can help tackle climate change.

      "His Majesty looks forward to hosting the PM and other global leaders at the event."

    • The Sun

      Following family break, Princess Kate returns to work in Windsor

      After spending half-term with her three children and Prince William, on Tuesday Princess Kate — a patron of the Royal Foundation of the Prince and Princess of Wales — welcomed chief executive Amanda Berry at Windsor Castle.

      The princess then spoke with Reverend Dr David Hoyle, the Dean of Westminster, over the telephone, before holding an Early Years Meeting.

      The initiative helps identify support required to give all children the best opportunities to achieve their potential.

    • The Sun

      King Charles to Visit Yorkshire in royal visit

      King Charles is to pay a two-day visit to Yorkshire in what will be his first official trip to the county as monarch.

      But where will King Charles visit during first trip to Yorkshire as Monarch on 8 and 9 November?

      King Charles and Queen’s Consort Camilla will visit locations in Bradford, Leeds and York.

      The visit begins with appearance at headquarters of supermarket Morrisons, Bradford, and finishes with the royals conferring city status on Doncaster at Mansion House.

      King Charles will meet people from Morrisons farming, community, sustainability and apprenticeship programmes at Morrisons head office, Bradford.

      The King will attend a reception with young leaders from across Bradford at City Hall.

      The King will view The World Reimagined Globes, part of a national project to explore the history and impact of the Transatlantic slave trade at Leeds Central Library and Art Gallery

      King Charles will also meet young achievers and be introduced to members of the Jamaican and West Indian community, touring the Jamaica Society Leeds’ Rebellion to Romance exhibition. 

      The King is also scheduled to meet representatives from the Leeds financial sector at Bradford City Hall.

      The King and the Queen Consort will be welcomed to the city of York at special ceremony at Micklegate Bar, York.

    • The Sun

      Megyn Kelly annoyed by Meghan Markle repeatedly calling Prince Harry ‘my husband’

      American journalist and TV personality Megyn Kelly has asked “commoner” and “TV divorcee” Meghan Markle to stop referring to Prince Harry as “my husband”.

      “There seems to be no limit on their appetite for ripping on the royals to whom they owe all of their fame and literally most of their fortune,” Kelly said about the royal couple.

      “We get it. You bagged the gorilla,” Kelly said of Markle.

      She added: “Congratulations! You got the big bear, you want us to know.”

    • The Sun

      Poll shows Prince Harry’s tell-all book Spare has backing of nearly half British public

      In an exclusive poll by Newsweek, Prince Harry’s memoir has backing of 47 per cent of British people.

      That is in comparison with only 10 per cent of the nation who think it shouldn’t be published.

      The Duke of Sussex's highly anticipated book, due to be published on 10 January 2023 by Penguin Random House, will be "full of insight, revelation, self-examination, and hard-won wisdom about the eternal power of love over grief," according to the press release.

    • The Sun

      Prince William promises not to ‘pass the baton’ to children on vital issue

      The Prince of Wales dwelled on 'turbulent times' while attending the10th annual Tusk Conservation Awards at Hampton Court Palace

      Prince William promised to “remain focused” on protecting the environment, stating it should not fall to responsibility of future generations.

      “We are living through turbulent times and it is all too easy to lose sight of how critical it is that we look after our natural world,” he said.

      “But we must remain focused on investing in nature and the environment, protecting it for future generations. We must not pass on the baton to our children and grandchildren, apologizing for our lack of collective action.

      “As Sir David Attenborough reminded us at this ceremony five years ago, Africa’s wildlife is truly special. What the Awards alumni, their dedicated teams and local communities are protecting is ‘one of the great natural treasures of the world’.

      “And yet, we also know that it is just a fragment of what there once was. That is why it is vital that we do everything in our power to halt the frightening decline in species that our planet has witnessed over the last 50 years.”

    • The Sun

      Don’t watch The Crown if you don’t like it

      "Princess Diana was box office when she was alive — so if you don't like The Crown, don't watch," says The Sun's Jane Moore.

      Because of the controversial subject matter, there has been much speculation over series five of The Crown.

      “Their filming is commercially driven, and they are simply interested in attracting as many viewers as possible,” said Father Yves-Marie Clochard-Bossuet, the priest who gave Princess Diana her last rights.

      To see Jane’s full opinion, follow this link.

    • The Sun

      Princess Kate to make royal history

      As the new patron of the Rugby Football League, Princess Kate, in her first match after succeeding Prince Harry, will make a special appearance to cheer on the England Rugby team.

      Kate will see England take on Papau New Guinea in Wigan this Saturday.

      "We will be delighted and honoured to welcome the Princess of Wales for the first time as the RFL's Royal Patron,” said Simon Johnston, chair of the RFL.

      He added: "With both our England Women and Men’s teams playing important World Cup matches on Saturday, her presence will enhance a special occasion for our sport, for the World Cup and for the famous rugby league town of Wigan."

      But will Prince George also be there to cheer on our lads?

    • The Sun

      Prince Harry’s book could force King Charles’ hand

      Prince Harry’s tell-all memoir, Spare, out on 10 January 2023, is causing concern for royals, especially King Charles.

      The King may be forced to remove his son’s titles, according to critic Daniela Elser.

      “If Harry goes scorched earth with Spare, could he leave his father with no choice?” she said on

      “If the book is a page turner of a flensing of the royal family, can Charles credibly be seen to do nothing to protect the throne?

      “If that is the case, we could see him act on the title front.

      “As sovereign, his job is to protect the monarchy at all costs, even if the threat is coming from his own family.

      “Think of this possibility as less of a case of punitive retaliation and more of Charles’ hand being forced to try and protect the House of Windsor from the ‘truth-telling’ duo.”

    • Joseph Gamp

      Meghan Markle admits British citizenship exam is ‘so hard’

      The Duchess of Sussex opened up to her friend, Pamela Adlon, whose father is a British expat in the US, about how hard the exam is.

      Pamela said: “Oh, thats another thing we have in common, the English people thing.”

      “That citizenship exam is so hard, I was studying for it and I remember I would go ‘oh my goodness’.

      “I would ask my husband ‘did you know this, did you know this?’ And he would say: ‘Oh I had no idea!’.”

    • Joseph Gamp

      Meghan Markle sees the world ‘differently’ now she has a daughter

      The Duchess of Sussex said “now I am a mom of a daughter,” she sees the world “differently”; the way her daughter might see it.

      Speaking on Archetypes podcast, she says daughter Lilibet will “look at certain women as role models” but doesn’t want her daughter to feel she has to fit into a “box”.

      Meghan added she wants Lilibet to become someone who is “kind” and “curious,” and has a strong voice to speak freely.

      Pamela Adlon says “when women help each other it’s the biggest gift of change”.

    • Joseph Gamp

      Meghan Markle’s ‘whirlwind’ family morning routine

      The Duchess of Sussex gave an exclusive insight into her family life with Prince Harry.

      She sold Pamela Adlon, while speaking on Archetypes: “Yeah well so the morning rush I’m sure it’ll only get more chaotic as they get older.

      “But for me, it’s, you know, both monitors on, for the kids to hear them, always up with Lili, get her downstairs, then a half hour later Archie’s up,” Meghan added.

      “Start doing his lunch box right before he’s up, while I have her, getting her a little nibble, my husband’s helping me get him downstairs.

      “And I make breakfast for all three of them. It’s very important to me, I love doing it. To me, it feels like the greatest way to start the morning.

    • Lauren Cole-Lomas

      The Duchess found the ‘ideal’ mother and wife trope ‘aspirational’

      Growing up she watched typical family shows and found them formative in her development.

      Meghan Markle admitted on her podcast that she used to watch shows like, I Love Lucy, the Flintstones, and The Jetsons.

      These programmes feature typical family life, with the “perfect” mother and wife.

      She pondered: “Perfectly polished, the happy housewife, with the perfect apron, dinner in the over, husband’s slippers by the door.

      “This was all aspirational to me, and being a mom was too,” the Duchess added, before revealing: “I saved my allowance to buy a diaper bag from K-Mart like real moms do. I didn’t want a fake one for my doll.”

      Meghan spoke on always wanting to be a mother, she said: “I longed to be a mom, as much as I longed to be a wife and at the same time, also at a young age, I was a feminist.

      “And despite what people think, I didn’t find those things to be mutually exclusive.”

      She said: “The pressures imposed on being a good mom, wife, are pretty trapping and are in many ways a fallacy.

      “You can be a feminist and feminine,” Meghan continued, before concluding it’s most important, to “be a good person” above all else.

    • Joseph Gamp

      King Charles to make his mark

      Physical tender won't have Charles new cypher until 2024.

      A source has made clear that the insignia will be used where possible.

      Though bank notes will change gradually, likely including King Charles' portrait by 2014, digital images will change.

      The source said: "Where changes can be made easily, such as digital branding, they can be made immediately. Physical items such as signage or stationery will be replaced gradually over time as the need arises.Where changes can be made easily, such as digital branding, they can be made immediately. Physical items such as signage or stationery will be replaced gradually over time as the need arises.

    • Lauren Cole-Lomas

      The Crown actress for Lady Diana tells critics: ‘Move on!’

      Elizabeth Debicki portrays Princess Diana’s final moments in the upcoming series of the Netflix show.

      After being hit with criticism for portraying the death of Lady Diana, The Crown’s Elizabeth Debicki has hit back, saying the conversation should be turned back to “creator endeavour”.

      She told the Radio Times: “I respect people’s points of view and I, being an actor in the show, understand the nature of what the show is.

      “It was always very clear to me that one can never know what happens behind closed doors, and that a writer is interpreting what may have happened.”

      She added: “Now the disclaimer is up there, we can maybe stop talking about it and move on.

      “If that’s helpful for certain people, so be it, and now the conversation can be returned to the creative endeavour of what the show is.”

    • Lauren Cole-Lomas

      Princess of Wales to attend important England World Cup match

      Kate Middleton will attend the Rugby World Cup Quarter Final match on Saturday. 

      This weekend, England’s men’s team goes up against Papua New Guinea and the women’s team will compete against Canada. 

      Kate was made the patron of the Rugby Football League in February, earlier this year.

      The Princess attend the match on Saturday, November 5 at the DW Stadium in Wigan.

    • Lauren Cole-Lomas

      Prince William’s Netflix plea ignored as show depicts Diana Panorama interview

      The Duke of Cornwall’s request was ignored by Netflix’s The Crown as it portrays the Martin Bashir interview with Princess Diana.

      Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty Magazine said: “William will be furious. He said his piece when he said it should never be aired again.

      “This is his mother and her memory they are doing this to.

      “It must be very frustrating as he can’t say any more because it will just give Netflix more publicity.

      “They should have listened to him. The interview has no credibility after the investigation. Everyone knows it has no legitimacy now.”

      Click here to read more.

    • Lauren Cole-Lomas

      Princess Anne opens hub, set to support 400 children

      The Princess Royal visited Gosport in Portsmouth today, to open a new community hub that will help families.

      Located in Fareham, the community centre will help the families of those who are serving, or have served in the Armed Forces.

      Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity gave £400,000 to set up the centre, Princess Anne is a patron of the charity.

      Mandy Lindley, from the charity, said: “As a Royal Navy veteran and Gosport resident of over 40 years, I am part of a proud and significant Royal Navy community in this area.”

    • Lauren Cole-Lomas

      Meghan Markle’s ‘giddy’ pool party story with Sophie Trudeau

      The Duchess of Sussex introduced this week’s instalment of Archetypes with an anecdote of her pal Sophie.

      She said: “This was the other version of us both with wild curly hair and swimsuits and loose linen and huge belly laughs.

      “Big cuddles with our little ones, quiet whispers of girl talk on the terrace, giddy like absolute schoolgirls. We were just having so much fun.”

      Meghan mentioned that a pizza slice shaped inflatable was a big hit with the children, but the one without pepperoni was the cheaper option when she ordered it online.

    • Lauren Cole-Lomas

      ‘So many women feel so alone, when it comes to matters of the home’ says Meghan

      The Duchess of Sussex and Angela Garbes discuss the difficulties of being a mother, wife and worker on Archetypes.

      “American culture has just done a really good job of indoctrinating us and brainwashing us and really, insinuating itself into our identities.

      “The expectations we live under are very recent historical inventions,” says author Angela, who wrote Like a Mother: A Feminist Journey Through the Science and Culture of Pregnancy.

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