DO you think you are obsessed with sex? An optical illusion may be able to reveal the answer once and for all.

A cartoon image can be seen in more than one way – and whatever you see first allegedly says a lot about you.

If you saw an abstract drawing of a woman’s body, with her hips and chest, than it may come as no surprise to you that your mind jumps to sex quicker than others. 

However, some people are able to see two stick men dancing, with the dots being their heads and the curves being their legs.

If this is you, you have a mind that is less oriented towards raunchy scenes.

According to psychologists, you may be able to see both illusions at once, however one may be more dominant depending on your personality.

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So which did you see?

It's not the only brainteaser that claims to reveal something about your personality.

Some people look at this drawing of a jar and see a couple in a sexual clinch, but if you look closely you'll see something else.

Also tucked away in the image is a number of animals, have you been able to spot them?

Hidden in the saucy brainteaser is actually nine dolphins that create the outline of the steamy couple.

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The first image that you spot tells you a lot about your personality.

According to experts, your memory dictates what you first see when you look at the image.

The picture is called "Message d’Amour des Dauphins", and is by artist Sandro del Prete.

They explained that the brain receives "equally plausible visual information".

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