FROM ruining barbeques to biting exposed skin, mosquitoes can ruin your summer.

One content creator showed viewers the homemade hack she uses to repel the pests.

A TikTok account (@thehackofficial) that shares various life hacks posted a tutorial on how to make the two-ingredient solution.

"It’s summertime again that means mosquitoes," the DIY expert told her audience.

She explained: "I’ve got a great hack for you, Mentholatum and Vick’s Vapor Rub."

The TikToker demonstrated how to mix the two items before adding them to a spray bottle.

She added a spoonful of each product to the bottle and filled it with water.

"You must use very hot water and mix it really well," she told her followers.

The influencer revealed that the pest repellant works for both your plants and your person.

She told viewers: "Spray your lawn, heck you can even spray it on your legs."

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Spraying her legs, the DIY expert added: "It smells so good and feels even better."

In the clip's caption, the TikToker wrote: "Bringing you another mosquito hack for this who can’t do the previous."

The content creator previously shared a video showing viewers how to tackle mosquitoes using an outdoor fan.

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A pest control pro shared the best hacks for repelling fruit flies from your home.

A third content creator showed viewers how to use two natural ingredients to protect their plants from bugs.

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