MRS Hinch is obviously an expert when it comes to cleaning.

But there's one area of your home you may not think about dusting down until she reminded us – and that's the garden.

The cleanfluencer, who's real name is Sophie Hinchliffe, showed her exact method yesterday.

The 31-year-old even HOOVERS leaves off her decking, using her cordless machine.

Posting on Instagram stories, she told her 4.2 million followers: "Ever wish you never started something. But I needed to get it done.

"Hoover & jetwash the pergola. Once this is all cleaned I'll cover it over. Ready to use again next year!"

She even power washed the fake flowers hanging on her fence.

Sophie then brushed, sprayed and wiped down the window ledges and steps with a yellow cloth – and added a door wreath.

She said: "I then wiped down all the outside, ledges and steps! Ready for our front door Christmas decorations.

"So chuffed I started it now it's all clean and finished!"

Mrs Hinch is Britain's favourite cleanfluencer but she's been less active on Instagram since welcoming her second son Ronnie in May.

Fans still live for her tips though. She recently shared her exact washing machine cleaning regime and which products she uses.

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