THEY go all out for Christmas every single year.

And 2023's no different, and parents-of-22 Sue and Noel Radford hit their local garden centre to stock up on new decorations.

They documented their trip to Bents Garden and Home in Warrington in a video on their YouTube page, as Sue began: "Heidie's not at nursery today so we thought we'd just come and have a look around all the Christmas decorations."

Things got off to a good start as Sue spotted some giant nutcrackers,which she called "really cool".

She then spotted a Santa ornament of him riding a horse, as she exclaimed: "I love stuff like this!"

One thing she did buy, however, was a huge candle holder – a silver strip with 10 candle sticks on it.

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"Sue has got her eye on this, for the table," Noel said.

"Shall we get it?" Sue said, after having a good look at the decoration.

"Yeah go for it, that will fit well on our table," Noel agreed.

They then continued their shopping expedition, with Sue left floored by the price of a light-up snowman.

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"Have a guess how much this snowman is!" she said, before revealing the staggering £999 price tag.

"Yes, £1000. Bargain!

"Oh my goodness, I can't believe that that is that much. That's a lot of money for that, isn't it?"

She did, however, want to add a huge light-up penguin to the basket, much to Noel's chagrin.

"That's nice, I like that!" she said.

With Noel putting his foot down as he said: "We ain't getting it. No way!"

"No, I really like that," Sue said once again as she saw what it looked like all lit up.

The couple then moved onto the Christmas tree section.

"I saw this one, said this would look really good in the living room," Sue said.

"It's huge!"

"It's 10ft," Noel added.

"That would actually fit in our living room, you know? But we're not getting it."

Unwilling to accept his response, Sue then replied: "I feel like that would just look amazing in the corner, wouldn't it?"

However, it seems Noel got his own way on that one, as they then showed their purchases once home – with the tree noticeably absent from the haul.

"We found so many good bits!! Which was your favourite?" they wrote in the caption for the YouTube video.

However, lots of comments in the video took aim at the couple's decision to buy new Christmas decorations on an annual basis.

"Always fun to watch the Radfords out shopping," one wrote.

"But what do you do what all the Christmas decorations you bought from last year or the year before that?

"It’s a lot of stuff."

"Why do you buy new decorations every year?" another added.

"It's all nice and fancy but…. what happened to last year's decorations?" a third said.

"I really hope you recycle them, somehow, and I really hope Boxing Day wont be 'BINNING' day, again."

"Sue you must have enough decorations that you’ve collected over the years," someone else wrote.

As others slammed the prices of things in the garden centre, with one of the standing nutcrackers setting you back £399.99.

"Ridiculous prices there. I wouldn’t pay that even if I was rich," one wrote.

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While another added of the £1,000 snowman: "I would of said £300 for the snowman lol.

"And then you have to pay the electric bills too!"

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