TAKING your kids out for a family meal can be stressful, so imagine what it’s like for mum-of-22 Sue Radford.

Sue and Noel took their bumper brood out for some food, with the Morecambe-based mum admitting she was left “needing wine.”

In a relatable parenting post, Sue showed one of the boys not having the happy family time she had envisaged for the outing.

She wrote: “The reality of going out for a meal with lots of children, lots of meltdowns.

“Pass me the wine.”

Sue and Noel are parents to Chris, 34, Sophie, 29, Chloe, 28, Jack, 26, Daniel, 24, Luke, 23, Millie, 22, Katie, 21, James, 20, Ellie, 18, Aimee, 17, Josh, 16, Max, 14, Tillie, 13, Oscar, 12, Casper, 11, Hallie, eight, Phoebe, seven, Archie, six, Bonnie, five, and Heidie, three.

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The family famously doesn’t rely on benefits and is supported by their pie shop business. 

The Radfords, who live in a 10-bed former care home, often show off their millionaire lifestyle on Instagram.

The couple have claimed Heidie is their last baby, after Sue has spent around 6,000 days of her life pregnant.

Sue, 48, and Noel, 52, got hitched when Sue was 17 and say their marriage has never had any serious difficulties, despite the constant stream of children.

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Noel underwent a vasectomy during the ninth pregnancy but then had it reversed. 

The couple have claimed Heidie is their last baby, after Sue has spent around 6,000 days of her life pregnant.

Sue has recently told how she's had an "awful" month due to rib pain…but that hasn't stopped her from getting into the festive spirit.

The busy mum took to her Instagram stories to reveal the outdoor inflatable decorations she's put up outside her "millionaire mansion".

In the post, she begins by showing off a huge inflatable Santa Claus in a hot air balloon.

She admits: "Spent way too long trying to get this huge Santa to stand up but finally managed it."

Not stopping there, the busy mum adds a festive archway featuring a waving Father Christmas and snowman with the words Merry Christmas.

To complete the festive makeover, she also places two light-up reindeer on the fake grass outside the front.

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