FEEDING your kids is a struggle at the best of times, so sometimes it's easier to give in and feed them what you'll know they'll eat.

But one mum has defended the meal she makes her little ones on nights she "can't be bothered" with people labelling it an "awful choice".

In a video shared on TikTok, the Aussie mum revealed the food platter she'd dubbed "heaven on a plate" – which included tasty chicken strips, fries and cheesy fingers with a selection of yummy sauces.

User The Lebanese Plate, said that she does aim to give her kids "wholesome well-balanced healthy homemade meals" most nights of the week, but said the platter is perfect on nights she "can't be bothered" cooking.

She said: "I'd have to say the majority of the time my kids get pretty wholesome well-balanced healthy homemade meals that I cook.

"Almost every single day of the week. But then there are some times that I just cannot be bothered.

"Some may be quick to judge me serving my kids this sort of food but you know what? I think this is perfectly fine every now and then."

But the clip completely divided opinion with many parents criticising the woman's choice of food.

One person blasted: "It's an awful choice because once kids have these then they would want them every day."

And added: "There is no such thing as now and then who are you fooling. Fried food reduces children's IQ so if you love them please don't do that."

But the mum defended the meal and explained that her kids understand that it's a rare treat.

She replied: "Oh deary me…here comes negative Nancy. My kids understand moderation & 'sometimes' food. Their IQ's are above average. Thx for your concern."

Many agreed and praised the mum for her approach, with one person replying: "Not giving children the occasional bad food promotes unhealthy eating habits as a teen/adult."

But many others didn't see an issue at all with one saying: "My mom never gave us these things, only health food, and when I got older I got so overweight bc I wasn't taught to balance the two."

And another praised: "Yes mama! That's right, A couple of fries and nugget just hit the spot sometimes. It's about balance and moderation. Love this!"

With a third agreeing "This is great, it's about eating in moderation, teaching your kids healthy eating habits, also this looks so good."

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