Mum shares weekly menu, cleaning rota, shopping & to-do lists on the fridge & parents dubbed it the ‘control centre’

A SUPER-organised mum revealed she sticks her weekly menu, shopping list, cleaning rota and daily goals on her fridge – which parents have dubbed the ‘control centre’. 

Brittney Neal Soberanis says she needed to organise her life and channel her creativity after becoming a stay-at-home mum.

She told Fabulous Digital: “I left my job as a Project Manager this summer to stay home with my two year old daughter. 

“I had never planned on being a Stay at Home Mom so I definitely felt out of my element taking on all the home care. 

“I was also missing work and needed an outlet for my Project Management skills. 

“I decided that our maximizing efficiencies in our home was going to be my new project. 

“I had always relied on visual dashboards to manage my work projects, so I wanted to create one for my home. 

“I decided to put it on my refrigerator because I have a toddler and I am in the kitchen approximately every 1.5 min getting snacks. 

“It has truly helped me stay organized by keeping important information in my line of sight multiple times a day.

"It's also helpful since my partner can easily see what needs to be done and jump in and help.”

She explained that she didn’t always have multiple lists on the fridge but it gradually evolved over time into the ‘control centre’ which it is today. 

It's changed my life by giving my accountability and structure to my day

Brittney said: “I've had a menu planner on my refrigerator years. 

“Once I left my job and stopped bringing in a housekeeper I added the Cleaning Routine.

“Then I realized I was missing birthdays and appointments because I had relied on my outlook to remind me of all those things, so that's when I added the calendar and todo list.”

As a busy stay-at-home mum, Brittney says she hasn’t looked back after creating her mammoth fridge planner, adding it’s a ‘game changer’. 

She added: “It's changed my life by giving my accountability and structure to my day. 

“I was the kid that was motivated by the gold star sticker, so I'm motivated by getting all my little bubbles filled in. 

“It also helps me to break things down throughout the day/week versus not thinking about chores and projects and then feeling like I need to have a full day devoted getting them done.”

Brittney shared her fridge to Facebook group Tips to organize & declutter home and life, where her post racked up hundreds of likes. 

She posted:I wanted to share something that has been a game changer for me in case it helps others. I started to put my routines on the refrigerator door! 

“I posted my refrigerator command center yesterday and got lots of questions so I made a quick video to show how it works!”

Commenting on the fridge, one person said: “I just grabbed a screenshot of your weekly plan. Thanks!!”

Another wrote: “Love this! Definitely going to copy all of this!”

A third thought: “Yes, where did you get that layout from? Must. Buy. Now. I have a command center and thought that I loved it until now.” 

While this mum added: “This is absolutely perfect!! I think this could help my family a lot. Thank you so much for sharing!!” 

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