A MUM has advised other parents to make sure their kids can recite their mobile number off by heat in case they ever get lost.

Emily Moore said her kids didn't know the numbers of any family members for emergencies until she taught them a trick to remember them.

The mum said her kids never had to memorise an actual number because they can "just click grandma's name and it calls her."

But in case of emergencies she wanted to make sure they knew at least one number – since they don't have mobile phones of their own yet.

She said: "Here’s an easy way for little kids to memorise it! Sing your number to the tune of are you sleeping."

The tune, which is the same as the Frere Jacques nursery rhyme, is easy for kids to remember the number and can even be a fun game.


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Emily said: "I taught my big kids my phone number this way and now I'm reteaching the little ones.

"We've been singing lately, just getting the song stuck in their head and then they'll remember it."

Other parents loved the idea, and some said they'd taught their kids the same way.

One said: "My four year old knows our phone numbers to jingle bells!"

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"We taught our kids to the tune of the Mickey Mouse song. It works great," a second wrote.

Someone else said: "Make their tablet password your number if they have a device."

"As a preschool teacher I am always encouraging my families to teach their children this information. Thank you for this," commented another.

And one mum said: "Great idea for memorizing! One thing my mom just did was show my kid how to unlock her phone so he could call me if something happened to grandma.

"I had never considered this step and it should definitely be part of the conversation."

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