CHOOSING the perfect outfit for your newborn can be exciting for a new parent.

But one baby boy has found himself causing a stir on social media thanks to the outfit and accessories his parents have put him in.

Johnny O'Driscoll has his own account on TikTok, with the first video showing him wearing a white sleepsuit with a matching hat, which featured the words "golden boy Johnny" emblazoned on the front.

The clip also showed the tot wearing several rings on his tiny fingers on each hand, as well as numerous chain bracelets.

He also sucked on a special gold dummy, which had his initial "J" on the front, and was surrounded by pillows and covers featuring a cherubic young boy wearing a golden crown.

"Can’t believe he’s mine, my golden boy," the caption for the video read.

But viewers were quick to slam the parents for treating the tot like an accessory, with one writing: "Babies are not accessories."

"What the hell have you done to that child," another commented.

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"Pass that kid a cigar. He’s sold 2 cars already," a third added, while someone else wrote: "In case you’re wondering what Mr T looked like as a baby…"

Others were quick to point out that the tiny rings could be dangerous, with one writing: "Get that jewellery off him oh my god so dangerous."

"Why’s he got all that jewellery on? Surely that’s uncomfortable for him? he's so young!" another person agreed.

"Oh my god, imagine if that baby choked on the ring. I can’t deal," someone else added.

In another video on the account, the parents shared a look at "half of his things", which included numerous diamond rings and bracelets, Ralph Lauren baby clothes, some Versace baby accessories, Gucci trainers and a matching belt for mum.

But the display of wealth didn't go down too well with viewers, one of whom commented: "considering baby doesn’t even know they’re wearing this, can’t you put the money into an ISA to support him for when he’s older? just a thought."

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