MISSING the odd day of school here and there is to be expected, but one mum was left stunned when her son's teacher brutally shamed him for not coming in.

The mum shared the 'shameful' punishment she claims her eight-year-old was handed for missing just one day.

The mum took to Reddit, explaining that she found a unusual word search in his bag.

The word search included words like 'truant', 'absent' and 'excuse', which seemed not very subtle to the mum.

She said: "I just don't know how to feel about this.

"My son had to ask me what truant meant. Is this directed at the parents or simply just a fun worksheet?"



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Other parents agreed it was unlikely the words in were just a coincidence, especially considering that the young student was only in year three, meaning he didn't know many of them.

One said: "I find this sort of shame behaviour towards children so odd, it's not like the eight-year-old is responsible for themselves attending school (even if put on a school bus).

"It's the responsibility of the parent/guardian to have their child attend."

A second agreed: "There are so many valid reasons to be late/out of class, and 95 per cent of them are frankly too personal to expect people to share."

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And a teacher chimed in, adding: "I've been a teacher for 31 years, this is ridiculous.

"Even if it is a student who has attendance issues, how is this going to fix it? Teacher is a jerk."

However, not everyone was on the mum's side, and some even said the mum handled the situation wrong.

"You are demonstrating unnecessary emotional behavior to your child. I am slightly infuriated with you.

"Attendance is important. Take it from someone who was truant quite a bit," one person slammed.

Another commented: "I bet it's just a coincidence and the class is learning some new words. Not everything is about you."

But she's not the only mum who has felt shamed by their kid's teacher, earlier this year a woman was left stunned when her son's teacher made comments on his packed lunch.

The mum began by explaining how she sent her kid to school with an individually wrapped cake slice in his lunchbox, but was surprised when he returned with it uneaten.

"When I asked him why he hadn't eaten it he said that teacher on duty at lunchtime wouldn't open it for him because it's not healthy," she said.

The 36-year-old mum was confused and told her followers how she didn't remember asking the teacher for her opinion.

“My son’s lunchbox is very well balanced, he gets everything from dairy to fruit to sandwiches to cold meats and lots of selection,” she said.

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