A WOMAN has revealed how she achieved youthful-looking skin in just 4 weeks – and people can't get over her transformation.

Skincare expert Cristina explained how her friend Frannie came to herfor advice when her face was left looking aged after she shed an impressive 6 stone.

Cristina put her on a collagen and silica routine, and put the right skincare in place – and it's little surprise beauty fans were eager for the pair to share the budget beauty secrets.

In before and after photos shared to TikTok, Frannie is almost unrecognisable, with her skin looking decades younger.

And the good news is, she posted a video revealing all of the anti-ageing beauty tips and tricks she swears by.

"So first thing's first, we have to work from the inside out," says Frannie,


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"Cristina sent me directly to buy living silica and liquid collagen.

"I squirt both of these things into a bottle of water in the morning."


Next up, Frannie advises to cleanse.

"Once you have a nice, clean, dry face, the first product that you're going to use is vitamin C," she explains.

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"Leave your vitamin C on for 10 to 15 minutes.

"Give it a chance to soak in.

"This allows you the pH in your skin a chance to stabilise.

"Then the other products that you put on top of it are going to work much better after that."

Next, she recommends copper peptides.

"I'm using this one from The Ordinary right now," she explains.

"And then lock it in with your moisturiser…I'm using 'confidence in a cream' right now by A cosmetics."

Next, Frannie says to apply your sunscreen, which she recommends reapplying throughout the day if you're out in the sun.

However, she goes on to note how her nighttime routine is a little different.

"I alternate between products," Frannie says.

"Let's just say Monday night I cleanse and go in with the Sephora peel pads to exfoliate, and then use my moisturiser, the next night, I'll do the same thing, cleanse, but then I'm going to use my Retinol."

Frannie goes on to say that if you're not currently using a Gua Sha tool, she highly recommends it.

"I have some nice little apples on my cheeks right now, and my face is very sculpted, and it wasn't before," she explains.

"I go back and look a couple of videos and I had a face drip like you would not believe – and this has made all the difference."

She concludes: "And I happen to have gotten this off of Amazon.
It's grapeseed oil, but you can use argon oil or whatever oil you can put on your face.

"And remember, consistency is the key."

It wasn't long before the post went viral, racking up thousands of views and several comments from very impressed social media users.

"Omg! She looks amazing," enthused one.

A second praised: "Sheesh… that’s amazing!"

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A third commented: "What?! How?? This is amazing!!"

Meanwhile, a fourth wrote: "Frannie is SLAYING! Look at you beautiful!! Amazing progress!"

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