A WOMAN has expressed her devastation after her friend tattooed her eyebrows on wonky and left her looking like a "witch."

Debbie Marks, who is 52, from London, had been friends with the woman – who ill remain anonymous – for about a year, before she decided to visit the grooming salon where she worked as a tattooist.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous,Debbie says she initially had ear candling done by her friend to try and relieve the blocked ears she often suffers with.

Only, the procedure didn't quite go to plan.

"She burnt under my eye and marked my face – a bit of the flying paper from the ear candle blew off the end when she took it out and it landed on my face," Debbie claims.

"She apologised but then brushed it off and still charged me, but she did message me that night to see how my eye was."


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The mark did go down by the next day which I was pleased about but I was really not happy at the time as it was sore and red, but I still remained her friend."

However, as time went on, Debbie says her ex-pal kept proposing the idea of microblading her eyebrows.

"I had them done years ago through another friend as I was one of her case studies after she'd just been trained in microblading," she explains.

"There were a couple of lines which had been missed, so they weren'tperfect but were still lovely. "

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I couldn't afford to have them microbladed again so we just had them tinted every few weeks."

However, Debbie says she eventually caved after striking a deal which meant the tattooist would lighten an existing tattoo on her arm at the same time as performing the microblading procedure.

"I paid £150 for the brows including the lightening on my arm and I transferred the money the night before," Debbie claims.

"I didn’t have a consultation or sign any forms. The treatment started about 5 minutes after I arrived and she then wanted to go out for a cigarette."

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"We also went out for cigarettes with one brow done and people were laughing at me as I walked through the salon – including herself and her fiancé – I was so humiliated and embarrassed."

"The total treatment time was roughly about half an hour – and that was with the fag break in between!"

Debbie says she only saw the finished brows afterwards when she looked in the mirror.

"I only saw what she had done afterwards when she held the mirror up," she explains. "I was speechless but she said they'd calm down as soon as the scabs fall off."

When I got home was when I started to really worry. I was left with very thick black blocks on my face!"

She continues: "There were also visible dots of black residue underneath my eyebrows, and she had gone so deep I was left with scars."

"I only saw what she had done afterwards when she held the mirror up…I was speechless but she said they would calm down soon as soon as the scabs fall off"

"I also had a new scar that appeared under my left brow where I think she scratched me with the needle – all I can say is that scar was not there before. She also left me with more sparse gaps."

I assumed as an expert she'd know what she was doing…I didn’t know what she was going to do to sort it out."

Over the next few days, Debbie followed the advice she received via text message, which included exfoliating to loosen up the pigment and applying Savlon cream.

But still, nothing changed.

"I Face-timed my mum and she was angry and said, 'what have you done,'" Debbie recalls. "I was actually besides myself as Mum said they looked black and ridiculous."

I was absolutely devastated at how awful my eyebrows looked."

Debbie alleges that the tattooist tried to claim that the reason they were so black was because they "matched her roots."

She adds: "She didn’t even use a template and they're not even and are all wonky."

While Debbie tried to resolve the problem and asked to go back, she claims her pal kept "blowing her off."

"I have been depressed and feel desperate," Debbie says. "I have barely done anything over the past six months and don’t really go anywhere because of how bad my brows are."

My friend said 'oh my god what have you done to yourself Debbie? Wipe it off this second, you look like a witch'

For Debbie, it was bumping into a friend that was the catalyst for her finally taking action.

She recalls, "the friend said: 'I was so shocked when I saw your eyebrows.' I said 'oh my god what have you done to yourself Debbie?Wipe it off this second, you look like a witch.' And I felt terrible for saying that afterwards'. 

Now, Debbie says the whole situation has made her so miserable that she just wants to "draw a line under it."

She adds: "But I want warn others and plead with people to do thorough research."

Since then, Debbie has been recommended to permanent make up expert Laura Kay from Laura Kay London. 

"I am so grateful that I was introduced to Laura Kay who is a true professional and is willing to help me rectify my eyebrows," she says.

"I only wish I would’ve seen her in the first place as I wouldn’t be in this situation now as I would have the correct trained professional to begin with."

"Laura is now trying a brand-new process called Refine & Fade by Laura Kay to completely remove the tattoo.

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