A CONTENT creator has shared a friend's horror story of getting attacked by a rude stranger at a bar.

She explained that she's spent years getting revenge on her friend's behalf.

Lindsay (@lindsolleyhurd) shared the story in a video with over 50,000 TikTok followers.

She recalled when she was in college, fifteen years ago, she attended a comedy show with friends, where her friend accidentally knocked her chair into the man behind her.

"She spilled his drink all over him and he stands up and calls her a 'stupid fat b****' which, categorically not true, and he was not hearing her apology," she said.

The situation unfortunately quickly escalated: "And then he spits on her — so assault, and she runs into the bathroom and she's cleaning herself up."

Lindsay took her friend's defense, yelling at the man, causing him to yell similar derogatory insults back.

The next day, Lindsay found the man on social media and found that he was "obsessed with The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad."

"This was back when the shows was airing and you'd get one a week and you'd do anything to avoid a spoiler so I search for all the spoilers on Reddit," she said.

"I make a couple fake Facebook accounts and would message him spoilers on a weekly basis," she revealed.

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"He would make these rage statuses like, 'Who is sending me this?' and would block me and I would just pop back up and send him another one, it was so much fun," she laughed.

Eventually her habit died down but the next semester of college, she discovered that they were classmates in one of her Political Science classes.

"He's devil's advocate for everything, every trash opinion you could have, he has it," she said.

Sharing classes with the man renewed her sense of justice and one day, while he was presenting during class, she discovered his Reddit account.

While she did resume sending him spoilers for things he enjoyed, eight years later, after college, the Reddit account proved useful again.

Upon hearing news the man is engaged, she checked the account: "I see some pretty sinister stuff on his Reddit, there are pictures he's passing off as her, if it was your partner, you'd want to know."

She hopped back on one of her Facebook accounts and sent the Reddit username over to his partner, to shocking results.

"She breaks off the engagement and last I checked, she's got beautiful children and a thriving business and seems to have a happy marriage at least on social media," she said.

"I don't know how the hell he's doing but yeah, you shouldn't assault women and call them b*****s."

People took to the comments to praise her for her years of patient activism: "You’ve been quietly dismantling this dumb man’s life for yearsssss," said one commenter.

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"Your pettiness ended up saving that girl and I applaud you for that," said another.

"When you said '8 years later' I almost died. Patience top tier," said a third.

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