CHOOSING the right name for your newborn can feel like a big decision especially with all the changing name trends to keep an eye on.

But if you're looking for a short and sweet moniker for your tiny tot, then you're not alone.

Parents often spend hours scrolling through websites and lists of the most popular names hoping that inspiration can strike.

But a lot of the time people still feel that all of the best options are far too common.

Where previously longer, more unique names have been popular, the tides are now turning.

More and more mums and dads are opting for short three-letter names for their bundles of joy.

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The baby naming experts at Nameberry said: "Mini names are having a moment.

"Mia and Ava rank in the US girls' Top Ten, and names like Max and Leo, Ian and Eli are all popular for boys.

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"It's a minimalist approach to naming children, and a stylish one, too."

It's been suggested that folks who go for a snappy two or three letter name tend to be fans of an uncluttered lifestyle.

And there's the added bonus of it being far easier for your little one to learn to write their name!

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If you're not sure about some of the more popular short names, how about some of these; Ada, Ann, Asa, Bay, Bea, Dee, Gem or Gia.

Or for little lads, how about one of these; Dax, Eli, Gus, Ian, Jay, Lee, Max, Nic, Ray, Rex or Seb.

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