THERE are reportedly seven horses pictured in this illustration, but only a fragment of the population can see every animal in the tricky optical illusion.

If you see all seven, you're part of the lucky one percent – and you'll be the envy of thousands of internet users who have struggled to see every horse.

According to TikTok personality Lexi Natoli, who shared the illusion with her 2.6million followers, staring at the illusion for a long time won't help you figure it out.

"Only one percent of the horses can see all the horses hidden in it," she said, showing the illustration from Bev Doolittle.

"Most people are only able to see four or five, no matter how long they look at it," Natoli warned.

She gave a caveat, too, letting viewers know that they may have better luck seeing every horse if they adjusted their expectations. "Some of the horses might just be partial, just the back or the head," she explained.


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But even her own familiarity with the image didn't help her see the hidden horses.

"I've been staring at it forever and I can only see five," Natoli said.

In the comments section, confused viewers admitted defeat after grappling with the image themselves.

"I see six. Final answer," one commenter wrote.

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"I don’t know what I see," another befuddled viewer said. "I see four and I see five."

The lucky few who saw all seven horses were eager to claim their top spots.

"If I’m being honest I've been looking at it for 20 seconds and I see them all," a viewer admitted casually.

"Look at the legs," a few viewers recommended, claiming that counting the legs helped them see all seven animals.

Another viewer gave more specific instructions. There were "five adults, one baby, and a horse in the rock," she recounted.

Doolittle claims her painting has only five horses, but the tricky image has even confounded scientists.

According to an expert from the National Institute of Environmental Health Services (NIEHS), there are definitely seven horses in the illustration.

"I see one on the left looking out, and in the middle four faces are clustered close together – in that group the brown nose of one (second from left) covers the right side of the face of the one crouched lowest," one scientist claimed.

"To the right is a small horse standing sideways, and above it is the rear of the seventh," the expert wrote, adding cheekily, "unless I am hallucinating."

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For their part, the video's viewers encouraged one another to keep searching.

"I see seven. Just look harder, and you will see the last one," a commenter insisted.

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