A SHOCKING photo has revealed why parents should never dress their kids in black and navy clothing as the days get darker.

When it comes to road safety, most parents go out of their way to teach their kids where to stop, wait and cross – but there are risks more obvious than others.

An image taken by campaigner Christian Thomas has revealed just how much dark outerwear can hide a child from one's view – and parents have been left horrified.

The two photos are almost identical, apart from the clothing worn by the child who's stood by the zebra crossing.

In the top image the young kid has been dressed in bright colours – a yellow coat, colourful wellies, as well as a red hat.

Meanwhile, in the second snap, the cheerful colours have been swapped for dark tones, making the kid almost invisible.

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The photos were shared on Facebook by Inna Rozenšteina, who warned parents about the possible dangers of opting for dark outfits.

In her post, Inna, from Latvia, said she deemed it her responsibility to share the campaign and advised others to best dress their kids in brighter clothing.

Close to 2k people raced to give the post a like, as many refused to believe there was a kid in the second image.

''Where is the child in bottom picture?'' one was baffled.

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''I can't see the kid,'' another chimed in.

Someone else, a driver, admitted they often spot pedestrians with no reflectors on their black coats and jackets.

A fourth said they had to inspect the images for a good while until they finally spotted the kid wearing black.

Five tips for parents as the days get darker

Colourful coats

Outer clothing like coats, jackets and hats should ideally be in bright, vibrant colours, preferably with florescent sections, the experts at Scott Ress said.

Reflective materials

Wearing synthetic materials will catch the light reflected from cars and bikes better than natural fabrics.

According to the pros, most waterproof coats and high visibility jackets are made of such fabrics.

Tabards for young children

Sharing their top tips, the experts also advised to adding a high visibility tabard to go over any external clothing.

Stickers and bags

To make your child extra safe, it's also recommended to snap up a bag and bag accessories that can be spotted easily in the dark.

''Placing a couple of badges or stickers on their satchel, rucksack or instrument case can give a little extra warning to passing motorists similar to a cyclists reflectors.''

Flashing lights and torches

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However, as the days become shorter, even reflective gear becomes harder to see – and this is where a flashing light comes in handy.

''Having attachable lights that blink using belts, hats or armbands can help play an active role in visibility rather than a passive, reflective role.''

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