THERE is a little-known and somewhat unusual way to keep your silverware looking shiny after multiple dishwashing cycles – and it doesn't have to do with the soap you're using.

The simple cleaning hack that makes a huge difference in the appearance of your silver cutlery only uses something you probably already have in your kitchen cabinet.

A mom on TikTok shared a video showing her silverware in her dishwasher which was clean but streaky and dull, as the kitchen cutlery can become over time.

She then simply balled up a sheet of aluminum foil and threw it in the dishwasher with her dishes, specifically in the same area she had her silverware, before running her dishwasher as usual.

Diane posted the video Friday that started with on-screen text reading "you were today years old when you learned."

After her dishwasher cycle with the aluminum foil ball included, she revealed that her cutlery looked shiny and good as new.

The TikTok mom has more than 145,000 followers on TikTok on which she shares videos about rare things that very little people may know.

While some people on the app commented on the video just bewildered about the aluminum foil hack, others were intrigued.

A TikToker simply said: "what?" and Diane replied, "running foil through the was cycle has the silver coming out shiny."

Another person said: "Let me try this. I have had my silverware’s full and streaks. I’m tired of rinsing them."

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"I’m try that next time get back to ya on the results," someone else said. "ok!!!"

Aluminum foil helps clean in a dishwashing session because the material of the foil teams up with the chemicals in dishwasher tablets, according to home hacks expert Carolina McCauley.

She said you really do just have to ball up some aluminum foil and toss it to your load of dishes for them to look nearly brand new.

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