TRYING to keep precious pups cool when it’s sweltering outside is something that causes all pet owners stress. 

But savvy shoppers have spotted that B&M has slashed the price of products that can help regulate the temperature of pooches, which one expert says are a fantastic way to keep furry friends comfortable in the heat. 

A member of the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains shared that B&M have lowered the price of their dog-cooling accessories amid this week’s boiling weather. 

The Stay Cool Fruit Mat, which automatically cools when a pooch lays on it, has been reduced from £5 to just £1.50. 

Meanwhile the Pet Cooling Vest, with a previous price tag of £6, is now being sold off for a bargain price of just 50p. 

“I know my pups struggle in the heat,” the thoughtful group member wrote, “so hopefully this will help out your fur babies too.” 

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One pet-care expert says that these products can be hugely useful when it comes to ensuring that your beloved pup stays cool in this week’s heatwave. 

Sarah Kosar is the owner of Meatball Motel, which offers puppy and dog training, behaviour and care services. 

The London-based dog-lover points out that “It's vital we advocate and support our dogs in hot weather as they are unable to regulate their body temperature the same way we do.

“We sweat to cool ourselves down, but dogs lose excess body heat by panting which isn't as effective as sweating. Their bottom paw pads can sweat, but it's not enough to make an impact.

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“Therefore when the temperatures become too hot, dogs can't regulate themselves and the body temperature continues to rise and cause heat exhaustion which can be deadly.” 

To give pooches a helping hand, “pet cooling jackets and beds are excellent options”, Sarah says. 

“Similar to the way humans perspire and the evaporation cools us down, the cooling jacket acts in a similar way to give our dogs additional support in regulating their body temperature.”

But Sarah points out that the products should always be used as a “preventative measure”, and never as a remedy after your pet has already been outside and overheated. 

When it’s as hot as this, there’s a few basic tips that it’s essential to follow to keep pups safe. 

“It is far better to skip a walk when the weather is warm than put your dog at risk of heatstroke,” Sarah reminds owners. 

“If you do need to talk your dog outside, I would recommend early in the morning or after 8pm when it is cooler.”

She also highly recommends having a “cooling pad inside by a fan for your dog so they can choose to lay there if they are feeling too warm”.

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That way both you and your pup can both stay “cool and calm during this heatwave”. 

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