A HILARIOUS thread has popped up online claiming everything from having sugar in your tea to owning a trampoline makes people ‘common’.

The bonkers list has popped up on Mumsnet, with nearly 700 people offering opinions on what they would brand ‘common’.

Asking people for their thoughts, someone posted: “What makes a person 'common'?

“In your opinion. Just interested.”

Among the bizarre responses were camping chairs, salad cream, the name Gary, Greggs sausage rolls, wearing PJs outside and ketchup on a roast dinner.

And it seems if you have a hot tub in your back garden, own a caravan, watch ITV or drink cold drinks out of mugs – you’re apparently a commoner.

List of 'common' traits

  • Hot tub in the garden
  • Salad cream
  • Watching ITV
  • Drinking a cold drink out of a mug
  • The name Gary
  • Sausage rolls from Greggs
  • Surnames as first names
  • Visible tattoos
  • Making your guests remove their shoes at your front door
  • Sportswear worn as casual wear
  • Owning a caravan
  • Putting giant eyelashes on your car headlights
  • Ketchup on a roast dinner
  • Having loads of sugar in your tea

Alongside the list of ridiculous answers, people also claimed using the term itself is out-of-touch, as well as pointing out that asking in the first place surely makes the poster 'common' themselves.

One person wrote: "Nothing is 'common' except judging people for certain facets of their nature where no harm is coming to others."

Someone else added: "Eating white sliced bread, watching ITV, and wearing ankle bracelets."

A third wrote: “Pastel coloured loo roll is common. Only white is acceptable.”

A third said: “Buying vast amounts of Christmas presents for your children.”

This person commented: “'Dog hair on clothes’…. the poshest people I know are covered in Labrador hair, as are their cars.”

Although a debate was started over gravy, with some saying “soaking up gravy/stew with bread”, was 'common'.

But someone else added “only good quality home made gravy though, bistro would be common.”

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