Pregnant mum-of-eight shows off monster $1.5k food haul including 72 yoghurts & 84 cans to feed her family for a month

A PREGNANT mum-of-eight has shared the monster food haul which feeds her family for a month, as she splashed more than $1,500 on groceries. 

Jamerrill Stewart, from the US, regularly shares her meal prep and bulk freezer recipes online. 

The mum-to-be, who’s expecting her ninth child next year, filmed herself getting groceries, household items and a few treats for her brood. 

Jamerrill headed to three different stores, including Walmart and Costco, as she stocked up for the month, and included a few items for her pantry. 

Sharing a clip to YouTube, she said: “This is my big once a month grocery shopping trip, and I’ve obviously also got a lot of household items this go round.

“Usually about three weeks or so from now, I will need to go back at some point, before I do another big shop and get more fresh fruits and vegetables.”

She talked viewers through the stash, revealing she bought eight loaves of bread, at least 56 burger and hot dog buns, 72 yoghurts, seven blocks of cheese, 40 packets of porridge, four boxes of crackers, 500 sandwich bags and six bottles of conditioner.

Jamerrill also stocked up on meat, picking up 20lbs of ground beef, as well as sandwich ham, smoked sausage and pepperoni.

The mum added: “We got a whole box of meat here, we got another thing of the salmon burgers, two packs of the ground sirloin, I’ve got two packs of pork chops, two pork loins.

“Freezer cooking days are coming up, and so there are things in this haul that I needed for freezer cooking meals.

“But the pork I need for some different dinners, freezer meals that we’re going to do.”

Also on the list was six boxes of chocolate bars, eight boxes of ready meals, four packs of frozen broccoli, 40 pouches of PB&J sandwiches, four boxes of pretzels and 24 juices – which she says “will be gone in two days”.

She shopped in bulk, grabbing a crate of granola bars, seven boxes of tins, which equates to 84 cans, including soup, spaghetti sauce and peaches halves.

Jamerrill bought 48 sparkling waters, 50lbs of oatmeal, six boxes of oatmeal squares, 120 packets of lentils, 80 meatballs, 50 egg rolls, 72 mini tacos and 750 dental floss sticks.

She showed off eight cans of tuna, which she admits will be “one lunch”. 

And she pointed out the 48 packs of noodles she bought, which she joked is “emergency teenager ramen”. 

In total her shop came to $1,571, but she added some stuff she got today would last a while, estimating she got “four to five months worth of trash bags”.

While the windex and toothpaste will last her family a year, she reckoned. 

Jamerrill added “Without psychoanalysing everything on my list we had the total of $1,571, about $1,100 or so of that was food items.

“Then we had about a hundred or so was for food pantry donations, then the other $371 safe to say was household items.

“Some months I come in about $1,250.”

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