A WOMAN has been slammed as being 'psychotic' for stalking a man for two years to memorise his routine before meeting him – but they are now married.

Emily*, 24, first met her future partner Ben*, as teenagers when she was 14 and he was 18, and she stalked his social media accounts to track down his address.

In order to meet Ben, Emily decided to befriend his little brother Matt, who went to her school.

She wrote: “I started spending lots of time with Tom's mum, and she told me all about his university, past girlfriends, favourite foods, pet peeves – everything I needed to know.

“Tom was a school record holder for a specific niche sport that I also happened to play, and he came back to coach our high school team for extra volunteer hours when I was a senior.

“I spent a lot more time with him. I loved every second of it. We were friends before, but became much closer and he would drive me home after school.”

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When Ben got a job in New York, Emily decided to follow him there by applying for university in the city.

Her strategy worked, as they started dating soon after she turned 19.

She added: “He proposed to me when I graduated, and we got married a year later.”

When Ben started telling everyone “fate” brought them together, Emily started to feel guilty and shared her story to Reddit, where it was read out loud by podcast host Morgan Ashley Absher on her Two Hot Takes show.

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Emily shared how she decided to come clean to her husband and tell him the truth, but it did not go down well.

She wrote: “Tom was dumbfounded, scared, and confused after I explained the real story of how we fell in love. 

“He sat in front of me and sobbed uncontrollably while asking me how much of our relationship and my identity was fabricated according to his liking.

“He packed his bags and told me he needed space and that he still loved me but was going to spend some time in a hotel.”

While Emily went to bed thinking that her husband would eventually calm down, things went downhill from there.

She continued: “Tom went to his family and told them everything – none of them want anything to do with me anymore and they're all calling me psychotic. 

“He exaggerated it to make me seem crazy. 

“He said that he lied about going to a hotel, because he knew if he told the truth I would try to stop him. 

“I feel so betrayed. 

“I tried to be a good wife by showing him the true me, and this is what he does? 

“I did all this work just for it to end up like this?”

Many Reddit users were quick to chime in with their views, with some slamming Emily’s actions as “disgusting”.

One wrote: “You're a plain sociopath.

“You did all of this for the drama, not because you cared about Tom. If you did, you would have taken this to your grave.”

Another added: “I am so extremely creeped out, I get being smitten and wanting to try and get closer to people but this is some next level sh*t.”

A third said: “For the past decade, your entire personality was to appeal to him. 

“Every new like and dislike was impacted by the decision you made at 14. 


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“You honestly believe this is authentic, when in reality, you have no idea who you even are.”

*Real names have not been used for privacy reasons.

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