Renata's Photo Shoot Was the Best Part of the Big Little Lies Premiere, and Her Look Cost $7K

Renata’s Photo Shoot Was the Best Part of the Big Little Lies Premiere, and Her Look Cost $7K

Laura Dern’s Big Little Lies character, Renata, kills me in every scene, but especially in the photo shoot from season two’s first episode. The moment the camera turned to her backyard setup for her magazine cover shoot, you could tell Mrs. Klein was living for the attention — and her lavish look. She was dressed sort of like a runway-ready superhero, her shiny red robe and gold metal belt exclaiming, “Yeah, I’m rich,” and her thigh-high boots only adding to the drama. With Renata’s hilarious singing to Diana Ross’s “It’s My House” and her holding onto those hand weights, it was a whole mood.

Renata’s exact look cost over $7K in total, Christian Louboutin suede thigh-high boots included; however, the priciest piece, a Roland Mouret burgundy wrap gown, is currently highly discounted. Vogue spoke with the show’s costume designer, Alix Friedberg, who explained, “This was originally supposed to be a more traditional cover shoot for a typical power broker. We planned on a business suit for her, the cover-of-Forbes type of thing. Then, our director Andrea Arnold and Laura decided to turn it into something more. It was still a cover shoot for a business magazine, but they wanted something that spoke more to the idea of a woman in power, something that said that you can be sexy and powerful at the same time.”

Alix added, “Andrea played some great tunes, started rolling the camera, and Laura was left to do what Laura does best!” See a breakdown of the full outfit ahead, and appreciate how good season two’s style already is.

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